Rob Wise is without a doubt one of the gnarliest street riders in BMX today. He's been a key part of the Volume Bikes team for the past few years and shocked the BMX industry today when he announced that he's officially joined the GT team. We asked Rob a few questions about this switch - read his answers below.
Photo: DemolitionSo Volume to GT, huh? How'd this come about?
It kinda just happened. Chuck (Fallon, GT team manager) asked me one day what I thought about riding for GT. I had never thought about it, but figured it would be cool. The next day he came back with a proposal and I couldn't pass it up.

How long were you actually on the Volume team for?
I believe right around two years.

Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to as a part of the GT team?
I look forward to not having to work and being able to ride full-time and starting on a signature frame.. I'm excited to be working with Chuck; he lives close by and we've been friends for a long time. Traveling a lot more will be good, too.Photo: DemolitionYou're still riding for Demolition though, right?
Heck yes, I am.

I guess that means no bad blood with the Volume crew?
No. It sucked breaking up with Volume, but it will benefit everyone more now because I can ride full-time. That means more exposure for all of my other sponsors, including Demolition. I'm still part of the family.

Any idea what's going to happen with your signature frame at Volume?
I have no idea. I would guess they would give it a new name and keep selling it, but only time will tell.

Are you getting a signature frame with GT?
Yes. Meetings are in the works. It's going to happen ASAP.

Any GT team trips in the works?
I think Dave Dillewaard might be coming to Salt Lake City soon. I plan on going on as many trips as possible.

How's filming for the Demolition DVD coming along?
Very good. I'm super pumped on the clips that I have so far. I really want to get a few more bangers. Overall, I think it's gonna be awesome.

What's next for you?
I'm really thirsty. I need to look into getting a drink sponsor. Haha!

Any thanks or closing comment?
Big thanks to Brian Castillo and everyone at Volume for everything they did for me over the past couple of years. Thanks for Chuck Fallon for making this all happen. "50 say if dey gonna hate, let 'em hate 'n watch da money pile up." HahahahaPhoto: Demolition
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