It seems like just yesterday we talked to Ronnie about parting ways with Haro and everything else going on in his life. Turns out that was actually two months ago and a lot has changed since then. Earlier this week, Ronnie announced that he has signed on to ride for Redline and seemed quite excited about his new gig. We reached out to Ronnie to get some details on this big change.

Photo: Nate Wessel

How did this whole Redline thing come about?
The whole thing kind of happened randomly. Brandon Dosch called me when he was driving to Austin and I was out riding. He asked what I thought about riding for Redline and I told him I thought it would be awesome. Going on trips with Brandon is nuts. For you guys who don't know Brandon personally, he is an awesome, super-energetic person who is fun to joke with and be around. That's a big reason why I was so stoked on joining Redline. Going on trips with Brandon and having the opportunity to focus more on filming.

Why is Redline a good fit for you?
I think Redline is a good fit for me because they want to start doing more viral and media-related things. I get to do what I like - taking trips to film, shoot photos, and just having a good time with friends. Also, they don't only focus on riders that ride only one type of riding. They are stoked on riders that love to ride everything and I think that fits me well. You can't only limit yourself to one thing.

Tell us about your current bike setup…
I'm riding a Redline Device 21.25" frame with Device forks and all Demolition parts. I have the new Demolition Rotor free coaster and love it. It's so much fun learning and re-learning tricks with it. Every single part on my bike is Redline or Demolition.

Any talks of signature parts from Redline?
No talks yet. Hopefully soon, though. I have some really good ideas. I really want to design a frame. I'm 6'2" and love the feeling of a bigger bike. Maybe soon?

Photo: Nate Wessel

You mentioned being stoked about doing a video series. Give us some details about that…
Yeah. We are going to do a Redline video series that is going to take place in three cities. I wanted to pick three places that have good street, skateparks, and hopefully some trails. I'm really stoked to say that my good friend Terrell Gordy with Reel Visuals is going to be coming with me to all of these places to handle the filming and editing. He kills it at what he does and I think you guys will all be stoked on the finished products.

When can we expect to see the first one?

We are starting to film the first one on April 1st and it should be out shortly after that. Brandon and I will be at Ray's in Cleveland, Ohio this Saturday filming and riding with everyone and Terrell will be there with us as well.

What else can we expect from you and Redline in 2014?
Other than going to Ray's in Cleveland this weekend, I'll be at Ray's in Milwaukee doing another clinic with kids soon. We have our new video series dropping. I'll be hitting some contests for sure - Red Bull Dreamline, Texas Toast… My brother and I are going to Croatia for a contest. Dennis Enarson and I are going to Portugal to film for something awesome.

Anything else is new in your life?

Other than all of this, not too much. I've been working on my motorcycle a ton, trying to get it ready for spring. It's getting pretty close. Nate Wessel and Jeremiah Smith have been helping me out a ton with it. I got a job working at Jamie Bestwick and his wife Kerry's new yoga and fitness studio. Pretty excited to be a part of the PYP team now. That's really about it. Hopefully get out to San Diego soon and visit the Markit homies. Miss you guys!

How is Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania is amazing. Spring is around the corner, so it's going to go from the worst place in the US to the most beautiful. Once we start getting some nicer weather, we'll get our color back!

I'll be there on Monday. Want to drink some beers?
Coffee, juice, beer, wine… whatever you're into, I'm down. Maybe we can finally start a video? We'll see where all of those drinks take us first. I've got the Yuengling ready.

Photo: Nate Wessel

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