Ryan “Biz” Jordan is one of the most entertaining people in BMX. Sure he’s good at riding a bike, but that’s beside the point. The guy has some “odd” outlooks on life, and just listening to him talk will have you cracking up. We gave Biz a few different topics to expand on, and his answers are as entertaining as ever. If you’re not a Biz-fan, then there is something wrong with you.

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Hardest slam you've ever seen someone take
At the Worlds in 2002 there was this crazy Swedish who tried to double-backflip this set and pretty much did a one-and-a-half and landed on his head. The visor to his helmet broke, pressed against his forehead, and peeled the skin on his forehead up like a flap. It was pretty sick

Worst possible food you can think of
I would have to say Indian food—I just smell it and I almost vomit. I don’t even want to know what would happen if it actually got in my mouth.

Biz dirt quarter toboggan Favorite people to travel with
Pretty much the whole Square One team. Everyone on the team is a good friend and we’re all amused by the same stuff. Those trips are nuts the whole time.

Dream vehicle
I would want my own personal jet with pilot-included. I would skip all the airport lines and get anywhere fast. That would possibly the best thing you could ever have.

What trick was the hardest for you to learn
It’s not really a trick, but I’m not too good with stock airs on quarterpipes, I always manage to land flat and I have to ride the ramp for like a week to be able to air it well. Most people just show up and blast them right away.

Trick you've done 100 times but still scares you
I haven’t done it 100 times, but backflips on a double just scare me. I either spin too fast or spin to slow or get caught upside down. I just can’t figure it out.

Something you wish you had the balls to do
Backflip the first set at a contest; it looks so fun and you can go so high because the sets are big. I would probably seriously die if I ever tried it. There’s no telling what would happen… Actually the answer to the last question answers what would happen.

Best thing about living in Southern California
Pretty much the whole BMX industry is there and it’s easy to get things done. Volume is a half-hour from me. The magazines are really close. Plus all the spots and the weather—it just caters to everything I do.

Thing you miss the most about living in Massachusetts
It’s where I grew up and it’s just so familiar. All my family is there and all my friends from growing up, so it’s just comfortable being there. It’s home, you know?

Best bike-throw you've ever witnessed
Man, like six years ago in Erie, PA, I saw Marvin Loetterle literally beat the hell out of his bike. He threw it, smashed it with rocks, everything—it was nuts.

Biz jump over rail Favorite non-BMX magazine
It’s not really a magazine, but this hobby catalog gets sent to my house every month and I just like looking at the cars and planes and stuff that I want to buy.

How much time per day do you spend staring at your Sidekick
Considering that I have no Internet at my house, I do all my e-mails and web browsing on it. And since I’m hurt right now, I would say a good portion of my day.

How much of that time is on Myspace
About half.

Dumbest thing you ever spent a lot of money on
A remote control helicopter—I knew I wouldn’t be able to fly it because they are so hard to fly but I had to have it. It wrecked after one attempt.

Best thing about living with Heath Pinter
Besides being a cool guy and just an easy person to get along with, he seriously has a buddy that does everything. If my car breaks he knows someone who can fix it. If the AC in the house breaks he knows someone. If I want tattoos he knows someone. It’s nuts.

Who is the craziest person you know
I would have to say Catfish (Zack Yankush). He is so entertaining—the show never ends. He goes nonstop and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He just isn’t afraid to get in the craziest conversations with anybody, whether it be some crazy business guy or a Wendy’s employee.

Best sponsor you could ever dream of having outside of BMX
Man, I would love to have a car sponsor—just a free car would be so good. No payments and I could sell mine. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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