​It’s one thing to have been a pro rider for two decades, but to be a pro rider with the same brand for that long is practically unheard of. Well, Ryan Nyquist has reached that incredible mark with Haro Bikes. So, naturally, they both had something awesome up their sleeves to commemorate this special occasion. They teamed up to create an all-new Ryan Nyquist XX Pro Model frame. We caught up with Ryan to discuss the frame and more - 

I believe the last time we saw each other was on Props Road Fools. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long. How have things been? 

Yeah, it's definitely been a while. Things are good! Family is good. Riding is good. All is well!

You’ve somewhat recently been diving into the MTB scene a bit. How’s that been going?

It's been a lot of fun. It was exciting because every little thing felt new and awesome! Even something as simple as a barspin was so exciting to learn again. I've related it to going back to high school, but with all the knowledge you have now. Haha! I set some pretty lofty goals for myself and have achieved all of them. So, I'm very happy with my progress up to this point.

You’ve reached your 20th year riding for Haro. That’s a pretty big deal. Congrats! How does it feel?

Man, it actually feels surreal. It definitely doesn't feel like 20 years. There have been so many good times and memories throughout those two decades. They say time flies when you're having fun, and it really has flown by. I'm not sure if there's another rider who has accomplished 20 years with one bike company. Either way, I'm happy!


What has been your favorite Haro trip?

Some of the earlier trips were really fun. It was a small crew of Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Chad Degroot, and myself, but we all meshed really well. Around that time, BMX was at an all time high. Rental car stunt driving, hotel room fun, and crazy antics during demos are just a few examples of those really great memories. We once did a demo in Guatemala where we sold out an arena and had a street course built just for ourselves. In fact, when we arrived there was a huge crowd at the airport waiting for us with signs and flashing cameras. It was wild and kind of scary at the same time. I really felt like a rockstar. 

Let’s talk about your new pro model frame from Haro. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate your two decades with the brand. The frame officially made its debut at Interbike in Las Vegas. How’d it go over with everyone? 

So far, the response has been really good! The frame is different looking. It's not the same old cookie cutter design that's out there currently. I'm getting a bit sick of riding bikes where the only thing that sets it a part from everything else is the stickers. That's one of the main reasons as to why I wanted something that looked a little different. We looked back to our past and leaned heavily on a design that I really loved that we used before. 


That brings me to my next question. I know portions of the frame design was inspired by an older signature Haro frame of yours. Which frame was that?

Yeah, it was the old Nyquist Pro frame from around 2004. At Interbike 2015, we decided we were going to do sort of a “greatest hits" approach to my new frame. We wanted to use my favorite signature frame and color with some new graphics. We knew we needed to modernize the whole thing to make it ride like a modern-day frame with modern-day geometry.

What was the design process of this project like?

The design process was pretty easy. A few emails and drawings got exchanged. After a fairly short time period, we had something finalized. Chris Raceles is the BMX product manager at Haro and he is on point! 

What exactly was taken from your 2004 signature frame that was applied to this new XX model?

I always loved the pierced top tube and the hydroform tubing. Where the top tube meets the seat tube was always a really cool feature on the old frame. We took all that and put newer drop outs, head tube, bottom bracket, and an integrated seat post clamp on the new frame. It looks so good!

Towards the back seat stays, there is an embossed pendent design. A lot of people know it’s a symbol you’ve used for years, but what’s the story behind it?

That's a design that I've had in my life for a very long time. My older brother got me a necklace from Europe when I was still in high school. I wore it nonstop and even thought I lost it two or three times. I eventually got it tattooed on my shoulder/arm and have used that design for a bunch of projects I've been involved in. There's a lot of personal meaning to it that has changed over years. But, ultimately, it means family to me. Haro has been my family for the past 20 years and it just made sense to have it on the frame somewhere.


What’s your favorite feature on the frame?

The design of the frame is amazing, but I really love the color. The translucent blue is so nice! In the sun it looks especially nice. In the past, we've had variations of translucent reds and greens, but the blue was one of my favorites of all time. I just had to recreate that for this frame. I couldn't be more pleased with it!

When it came down to the geometry, was there anything specific you absolutely had to have incorporated?

I've never been a stickler for geometry. I ride what's out there and get used to it. So, the geometry is pretty standard to what's being ridden currently. However, I never liked the look of frames with low top tubes. This one features a 9.25" stand over height. It's pretty awesome! 

There's a signature handlebar that coincides with the frame, correct? Tell us about it…

I’ve been around long enough to see some trends come and go, and even to see some tricks get brought back to life. For most of my career, I've ran a 4-piece setup. It seems that they are coming back into style now. So, I thought what better way to celebrate 20 years with Haro than to also bring back my old signature 4-piece bars, too! Haha It essentially will be the same design as the originals, but with a few tweaks. They'll come in taller rises, lighter weight than the originals, and modern geometry. They’ll have the same look and all-around badass feel of the original bars. I'm pretty excited to ride them and start spinning the bars!

Why should people buy this frame?

Because it's awesome. Because you want to look awesome. Because you want to ride awesome. Because you want to feel awesome. Because being awesome is awesome. With that said, if you ride this frame expect to get some awwws, but more in the form of "Awwwww shit…that bike looks amazing!” Some others would be "Awwww dude, you seem more handsome today on that bike" and  "Awwww damn, you look good! Do you have a girlfriend?"

Anything else you’d like to wrap this up with?

Thank you to Haro for 20 years of friendship. We have an amazing thing going and I can't wait to see where this relationship continues to take us!


The Ryan Nyquist XX Pro Model frame is a bold mixture of current day frame technology and geometry mixed with some features and flavor from previous Nyquist signature frames. It's made up of 100% chromoly construction with a heat treated head tube, bottom bracket shell, and Lineage cast dropouts. Other features include a unique hydro-formed pierced top tube, externally CNC machined seat tube, tapered seat & chain stays, and integrated chain tensioners.

  • top tube sizes: 20.5", 20.75", and 21"
  • 75 degree head tube
  • 11.5" bottom bracket height
  • 13.75" RC
  • 9.25" stand over
  • weight: 5.25lbs.
  • colors: translucent blue
  • MSRP: $399.99
  • available January/February of 2017


Watch our exclusive Haro at Interbike 2016 video to check out what other new products are in the works and listen to Ryan speak a little more about his XX Pro Model frame - 

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