Seven Questions: DeMarcus Paul 1


DeMarcus Paul has become much more of a household name over the past year and, as of this week, word is out that he has officially joined Volume's pro team. We caught up with DeMarcus to learn how he ended up at his new home...


1. How did this Volume deal come about?
I got a random message a few months ago about joining the team, but I kindly declined it. Then a couple months later I got another message from Volume, so I decided to join them.

2. Was it a hard decision leaving your previous deal with Freed?
Yes, it was actually pretty difficult because of the way everyone at Freed Bikes treated me like family. The vibe was just awesome.

3. How would you compare the support you get from Volume to that of Freed? Is this what you'd consider your first official pro deal?
Just from the short period that I've been around the Volume crew, I can already feel the family vibe. It was the same as with Freed Bikes. When it comes to the riding aspect of things, I do feel that what Volume offers is a better "pro deal" that works better for me.

4. Any immediate plans for a welcome edit or DVD section?
Haha, good question. I guess you will have to wait and see.

5. Are you able to ride full-time, or do you have a job on the side to help pay the bills?
I am able to ride full-time due to sacrificing certain things that we as people feel we need in order to live. Just being willing to accept the minimum as a way to get the most out of riding was the best decision I've ever made.

6. What brought you out to California and how long have you been living here?
BMX and nice weather brought me to San Diego. Not many people are into BMX where I'm from, so I made best of what I had. I've been living in San Diego going on three years now.

7. Who's your favorite rider on the Volume team?
Everyone on the Volume team is sick but I'm going to go with Zach Krejmas... Dude kills it!

DeMarcus' new Volume Vessel...

Hit up Volume's site to keep posted on what DeMarcus and the rest of the crew are up to.

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