Earlier this month, Phil Demattia's Alicante video hit the web and got people stoked. Phil is a relatively new name from the UK street scene but I think we'll be witnessing his creativity progress for years to come. Get familiar!

Coming out of the UK street scene, I feel like the majority of the riders in the US don't know much about you. Can you give us a proper introduction?
I'm 24-years-old and my hometown is Wrexham, North Wales. I'm currently residing in Liverpool, England with plans to relocate to Rochester, NY in the near future. I've been riding for 11 years and my sponsors are Kink, DUBBMX, éclat, and Rampworx.

From fufanus and abubacas to peg-bonks and crank-flips, you have a pretty unique style of riding. Did you consciously make the decision to take your riding in this direction?
To put it as bluntly as possible, I feel like a lot of riders fall victim to peer pressure. It's not a bad thing - it allows the sport to progress in certain ways. Just look at what people can do with barspins and whips! It's insane really, but somehow normal at the same time. People often ask me if I'm trying to be rebellious or something. I'm not - I just don't see the fun in learning the tricks people are already killing it with.

Who were some of your biggest influences while you were growing up riding?
My friends joke with me constantly about this. I only had one DVD growing up and it was Props Best of 2002. I still love that video to this day. I never worried about catching up with the must see DVDs or edits. Brian Terada was and still is my favorite rider!

Your Alicante video was amazing! How long were you out in Spain?
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. We went out there for seven days. I had a two week window from when I was back from New York until The Albion deadline. If you weren't aware, the edit came from the magazine interview, with the addition of other things we filmed out there on our visit.

Was the trip to Spain your idea? It seems like the spots out there suit your riding perfectly.
Chris Mcardle hooked that up. The weather was far too bad in the UK to get the photos for the magazine interview, so the éclat distro (CSG) hooked up our flights and hotel to make it happen. He found some recent skateboard edits but struggled to find any BMX content from there. We didn't find exactly what we wanted, but for a week we did pretty well. We got an edit, snapped enough photos for my interview, and I wasn't broken at the end.

Have there been any changing circumstances that have allowed you to ride more often this past year?
Not really. I have always ridden like this. I think once I started to take my technical stuff to bigger set-ups, people started to care. I've always filmed things and enjoyed progression, but if someone is willing to give you bikes, clothes, and expenses, you want to show them that they didn't make a mistake in wanting to help you. I want to film good things and it doesn't make it harder to do it for good people who help you film in places like Alicante.

What influenced your decision to move to the states, particularly Rochester, New York? Something tells me it might have to do with Kink Bikes…
My girlfriend lives here so I'm not moving here for riding. I live in Liverpool which is full of amazing people to ride with. Kink being here is cool and convenient, but I'm far more into life here than in the UK. I can ride and work anywhere in the world, and I don't believe I was necessarily born in the right place. I can't see myself living in Liverpool when I'm 40 years old, so what do I do? I have the chance to move to a place with a girl I love and make a better life. Just like in BMX, you have to take a chance if you wish to succeed.

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