Last month it was announced that Chad Kerley would be joining the already stacked Cinema team. Three weeks later and his official Welcome edit dropped. It was amazing, (as is anything Chad puts out), so I decided to catch up with Cinema TM Will Stroud to get the inside scoop and learn about what it's like to film with Chad.

How did the decision come about to add Chad to the team?
Back in December, Chase Dehart let us know that he was leaving Cinema for an official spot on the Animal team. We were bummed to lose him but understood it has always been his dream to ride for Animal. Once we found out Dehart was leaving we weren't really planning on picking up a new rider, we still had seven of the best dudes on our team. Around the same time Dak, Nathan, and Chad were on a Dans Comp trip in Miami. In conversation, Chad told Dak and Nathan how much he respects the Cinema team and how it was a dream of his to be a part of it. Dak called me later that day to tell me Chad was interested in riding for Cinema and I instantly thought to myself that Chad is the only exception for adding a new team rider. I've been a huge fan of Chad's riding and attitude for a while now, so I ran it by my boss-men at Greenhouse and they agreed that we could put Chad on the team. Before I called Chad, I had a private conversation with everyone else on the Cinema team to make sure everyone was cool with it. It was a unanimous decision.

Someone as dialed and technically skilled as Chad must be a treat to work with. Any memorable stories / experiences from filming with Chad for his welcome edit and the Cinema DVD?
Yeah man, Chad is unreal. We did a Cali trip last month and spent a week hitting spots around LA that Dak showed us. Chad filmed so many solid clips every day and managed to bang out his Cinema welcome edit, some clips that will go towards an upcoming skatepark edit, and some amazing clips we're saving for the Cinema video. He's got such a good attitude and it really shows that he loves riding and filming. He's only 18 but his maturity level is on par with the rest of the team, so it's awesome that we're all on the same page.

How long does Chad usually take to film the long and technical lines that he's known for?
There were a few lines that took some time to get, but those lines were so tech that they didn't even make sense. Overall Chad handled most of his clips within 3 - 5 tries which is pretty mind blowing.


When Chad is about to film a long line, do you often ask him multiple times what it is exactly that he's about to do? Ever need to take notes?
For sure. Riding has gotten so technical that sometimes I can't even comprehend what a rider is telling me they want to do before we try to film a line. But yeah, normally I ask the rider to walk me through the line and do a speed test before we try to film it. I'm starting to get better at skating which helps a ton.

How do the clips we saw in Chad's welcome edit compare to some of the stuff you've kept under wraps for the DVD?
It's hard to compare what we used in the Welcome edit to what we saved for the DVD. Chad and I sat down at the end of the trip and put all of his clips on a timeline and discussed what was worth saving and what he wanted in his welcome edit. There were several NBD's we saved that are mind blowing and even surprised Chad when he rode away clean.

Chad seems like an obvious addition to the star studded Cinema team. Why is he just now getting on and not sooner?
Cory & Steve (owners of Cinema/Greenhouse) and myself always have conversations about riders that would fit onto our dream team list and Chad's name has definitely come up several times recently. We've just never had an open spot on Cinema to make it a reality until Dehart left.

The Cinema team is stacked and seems to just keep getting better. Any more additions to the team planned?
Thanks man. I'm really proud to have assembled a team of my favorite riders that are also great friends. Our goal moving forward is to try and take care of all the dudes we have as best as possible and not worry about adding any new riders for a while.

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