Simpel Session 2007 Report We have two reports for you, one from Ronnie Remo and one from Mike Spinner. Thanks guys

Simpel Session in Estonia
By Ronnie Remo

Have you ever heard that song by Tenacious D where they sing, “This could be the greatest song in the world”? Well this could be the greatest contest in the world. This contest has a few key ingredients: great rider’s, well designed course thanks to Nathan Wessel, and a sold-out arena of appreciative fan’s. Add to that riders who are there to have a good time with the most attractive female population you may ever come across and you get a lot of happy faces. I couldn’t ride myself, as I’m waiting for knee surgery, so I took full advantage and partied every night—great for me.

Ben Hennon The good thing about the contest is that it happens at a time when most riders have nothing on there schedule, so people are happy to dust off the winter cobwebs and get the new year going with a bang. The riding was awesome and when we got down to the 20 finalists it was a very high standard. After watching the comp and agreeing/disagreeing with the scores, I realized that judging is a thankless and difficult task. One thing for certain was that Josh Harrington deserved to win everything, and he did! He won the High Air contest beating Baz Keep, which cost me a quid in a bet with Mike Spinner. Josh came up with a 4.21-meter air—that’s high out of a ten-foot quarter. Dave Mirra got third, but also did a three-meter-high flair during the High Air contest.

Moving onto the Street finals we had a course with had no spine and no regular jump box. This made the riders use their imagination more, which is good I guess, but meant we missed out on some of the riders most banging crowd pleasing tricks.

The crowd was fired up by Catfish on the mic, and it was great to see an arena sold out for a BMX contest—especially since we were in a far flung region of eastern Europe. There were so many highlights in the contest, like Mirra turning it on during the finals and doing some huge tricks on the ten-foot-quarter such as the cleanest flair-whip you will see in a while, and an opposite one-hand-one-foot-360 over the mellow jump. He got third place.

Also Mike Spinner did a perfect 540-whip on the ten-foot quarter and nollie-360’s and an 810 across a hip. He lived up to his name for eighth place. Aaron Ross had the brightest bike of the contest and that guy shredded the course with real tech street-tailwhip stuff.

Chase Hawk found himself in second place, which was well deserved. He did a huge 270-transfer onto a flat bank and was well over ten feet before he came back to Earth and with style and grace.

Mark Webb ripped the course apart with flip-to-manual and tailwhip-to-icepick on the sub. At one point he pointed to Catfish saying, “This is for you.” The he rode at a ramp looking to his left, did a flair looking at Catfish all the way around, and rode out still looking at him. He also flaired a ramp about 2-1/2 feet tall earning him seventh place.

Josh Harrington broken jaw Ben Hennon got sixth place and shredded with flip-whips and double-whips, and Alistair Whitton was in fifth place, and he rode awesome. Baz Keep got a fantastic fourth place doing a huge transfer and made it all look easy. In first place was Josh Harrington who made his third visit to this contest. He rode awesome and won everything. He did fufanu-to-barspin, and a nose-bonk-barspin out of the raised micro mini into a quarter below, and he did the biggest tailwhip transfer that was perfect. Plus a stretched high no-hander on the big quarter—he was an easy choice and clear winner of the contest. He had a fall at the end of his run on a 270-truck on the hip and I think he cracked his jaw. Get well soon Josh.

The great thing about the contest was that the riders all looked at ease while they rode and this made it feel like comps in the 90s when it was all more fun and less serious with less riding on it. The prize money is not the reason to come to this contest but the city, the fun attitude, and being outnumbered by beautiful women probably is worth it. I rode vert here last year and I came this year even though there was no vert contest and I wasn’t even riding! I came here for the fun and because midwinter gets boring waiting for the summer contest and demo season to start. One other crazy thing that happened was that as we were walking back from eating, a guy shot a car windscreen out with a handgun. Mark Webb was like, “That guy has a gun!” We didn’t believe him, but sure as he said there was a guy with a gun. So against doctor’s orders I decided to start running on my bad knee. and he started chasing us and firing shots! I heard one whistle by and hit the building up in front of us! For some reason we were laughing, but my knee was starting to hurt and I was wondering if I would make it to the hotel. I don’t know if the gun was a BB gun or real, but it seemed best to run.

Spinner with the giant tree As for next year, sign up early because if this contest happens again, everyone who was here this year will be going. All the riders finished off the comp with an awesome party on Sunday night. Mark Webb and I got back to our hotel at 8am, and then I had to put Spinner in a taxi back to his hotel since he had no money (Mike, you owe me 150 Kroons). Then we basically got our bags and went to the airport. Sorry to the guy I sat next to on the plane while I was sweating, farting, and stinking of nightclub. The full results are posted here on Vital BMX, so check them out and see you in Tallinn next year. If you are smart and like to have fun, you will make sure to be there.


Simple Session ’07
By Mike Spinner

Mike Spinner with the hotties This was the first contest of the year and it was an awesome way to start it off. This was my first time out of the country (the contest was in Estonia) and I can’t even say how much fun the trip was. I went with Dave Mirra and Mike Laird (Mike got hurt a week before so he couldn't ride, but he was still stoked to be there). When we got off the plane it was 4pm but it felt like 11 because of the time change. We knew we couldn’t go to sleep so we just went out and met up with a bunch of people, and that turned into a party until 3am. The next day was practice and it was crazy—like 80 people on the course. It was a unique course; it had something for everybody. Quarters, hips, and a wedge-to-wedge box jump, and also an entire street side with ledges and wedges. That night was a party that ended close to 4am. The next day was prelims, and I’m glad to say I was there to see some amazing riding. That night everybody went out—it didn’t matter if you were in the finals and had to wake up early.

The finals were pretty crazy and everybody stepped it up. Here’s a list of a few things that happened.

-Aaron Ross Smith’d up a ledge to whip and 360 off.
-Dustin Guenther fuf'd out of the ten-foot quarter on the side of the vert wall.
-Ronnie Surridge inverted 360.
-Tony Watkinson invert-to-tailwhip.
-Hannu Cools 360-footjams up the step-up.
-Mike Miller over-clicking everything.
-Danny Hickerson hang-nothing across a long ledge and a bottom-side icepick that was held for about a minute.
-Corey Martinez big bunnyhop-whip gap off of a quarter into a wedge.
-Dave Osato 540-nosepick on a slanted wall.
-Sebastian Keep got second in High Air contest and flowed the whole place.
-Josh Harrington won High Air and whipped from the ten-foot quarter over the mini ramp into a wedge.
-Alistair Whitton flowed the whole place and 360-downside-whipped the box.
-Alessandro Barbero 3-double-whipped the box.
-I managed to 720 the box, 810 the hip, and five-whip the quarter.
-Mark Webb can honestly flair anything!
-Ben Hennon flip-whipped up the step-up and Superman-to-late-tailwhipped the box.
-Chase Hawk 360’d and 180’d everything with style and height, and alley-oop 360’d the wall-to-roll-in-to-fakie first try.
-Dave Mirra flip-whiped the box, opposite 360-one-hand-one foot, flair turndown, and flair-whipped the ten-foot quarter about ten feet high.

The after-party was pretty nuts—everybody went out until about 8am. This was by far the best trip I’veever been on, on or off the bike. Things that made this trip even better were that Catfish was there as an announcer and the fact that every single girl in Estonia is hot.


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