Six Things We're Thankful For in 2019

While the roots of Thanksgiving are pretty confusing and even a bit controversial, I think everyone can agree that getting together with friends and sharing some gratitude is always a good thing. 

2019 has been a great year and the BMX world has a lot to be thankful for. This list could go on for ages, but we've narrowed it down.

In no particular order, here are six things we're thankful for in 2019 - 

The Olympics


There are a lot of different opinions about this one, but hear me out. Whether you love the fact that BMX is in The Olympics or you hate it, it has a created countless opportunities for BMX riders across the globe to make a living. Van Homan spent 2019 in Tokyo working for the event itself. Rob Darden spent 2019 in China coaching their riders. We’ve got BMX riders in Germany, England, the United States, and other parts of the world getting paid more from governing bodies than they’ve ever made from sponsors. Not into the event as a whole? Don’t watch it. Go ride! But, in honor of all of those who are in a better place based on these new developments, BMX is thankful. 

Rim Nakamura


I think everybody knew that Rim Nakamura was awesome, but in 2019, we got to see exactly how awesome he is. Rim took the 2019 FISE overall title, took home a silver medal at X Games, killed it at the Vans BMX Pro Cup, and did it all with a smile on his face. This kid seriously loves BMX and it’s clear every time he rides. His riding has gotten incredible and he’s in the game for all of the right reasons. I know it’s a bold comparison to make, but I’ll say it. Rim is basically Japan’s Dennis Enarson. He’s already the best rider to ever come out of Asia and he’s only 17-years-old. Keep it up, Rim. BMX is thankful.

Full-length Videos

PhotoA toast is in order (no pun intended) to Kink and Federal for dropping two of the best videos BMX has ever seen in 2019 - Champagne and FTS. There are a million reasons not to do a full-length video these days - everything from the financial commitment from the brand to the effort commitment from the riders - but Kink and Federal stepped up big time and blessed us with gold. If you haven’t seen either of these videos yet, fix that NOW. Cheers, Kink and Federal. BMX is thankful. 

Rich Forne


I’ve never met Rich Forne. I’m writing this strictly as a fan. Rich has been making incredible BMX videos for ages, but I feel like he’s really been on a roll in 2019. His workflow has been consistent and everything he touches is an absolute masterpiece. Rich’s eye and precision are both truly unmatched within the world of BMX. FTS was amazing. He’s also given us quality videos in collaboration with Vans, Monster, and Source. And, for some icing on the cake, he’s been putting in work with Dennis Enarson for an upcoming Vans piece that I'm sure will break the internet. Keep up the great work, Rich. BMX is thankful. 

Diversity in Events


BMX events are at an all-time high. Seriously. Whatever you’re into, there’s an event for you. It wasn’t always like this! From big ramps and formal rules at FISE to doing whatever the hell you want at Steve Crandall’s DIY series, to mobbing the NYC streets at Austin Augie’s Don of the Streets - and pretty much anything in-between - there’s never been a better time to get out with a crew and have a good time. Big shout out to everyone who went out of their way to host a contest, jam, or even got on the phone and called the crew. BMX is thankful. 



Nike left. Lotek always seems to be on some sort of indefinite hiatus. Etnies cut way back. What did Vans do? Stepped up big time! Vans spent 2019 dropping BMX-specific shoes, hosting epic events (Vans BMX Pro Cup, Rebel Jam), and keeping a gang of BMX’s best riders rolling forward. Extra special thank you to Jerry Badders, Colin Mackay, and Andy Zeiss for keeping this train rolling in the right direction! BMX is thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving! (Or, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, happy random Thursday in November!)

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