Source BMX's Event Support is Making Hosting Your Own Jam Easier Than Ever Before

As we (hopefully) approach the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect to see more-and-more BMX jams popping up across the globe. Source BMX has been a long-time advocate of BMX gatherings and, through their Event Support initiative, they're making it easier than ever before to get support for local jams. We caught up with Tom Creasy - Source BMX marketing director - to learn a bit more about Event Support, what the future holds for Source BMX's events, and where he thinks everything is heading in the not-so-distant future...


Source has been supporting - and hosting - BMX events for many years. What made you guys want to open it up to, well, essentially everybody?

Yep. Source has been throwing and supporting events - both locally and on a wider scale worldwide - for the past 17+ years. Local scenes are so important for BMX and we like to do all we can to help support that and help these communities grow as we have seen with our own.

Is this Event Support initiative open to the entire world? 

Sure is! All you need to do is go to the site - - and fill out the form with your event info.

In what ways does Source support events that are selected through this process?

This really depends on the event but, in general, we send out a prize pack with a bunch of Source BMX goodies and stuff from other brands. For larger events - or ones in regions a little harder to ship to - we also sometimes send gift cards that can be handed out as prizes.


When deciding if you’re going to support an event and what level of support you can offer each event, what all do you guys consider?

We obviously support events of all levels - ranging from Swampfest, Uncovered BMX, and our own Battle Of Hastings all the way down to local street, skatepark, or trail jams. The team here reviews the info as it comes in from the page and work out the best way we can support depending on the size, how many riders will be there, etc.


Is there anything specific you look for in return?

We send some banners to each event, so obviously having those up and any shout-outs on social media are always appreciated. Some of the bigger events, I offer to host a recap on if they can supply photos. For events such as Swampfest, we always try to get some of our team there and create something cool out of the trip.

What are some of the events that Source has supported over the past few years?

Swampfest, Uncovered BMX, DIG JAM, loads of local jams over the years and, of course, all the events at Source Park such as Battle Of Hastings, GIRLS ONLY, Mongoose AM JAM, various Vans events, and more. Also bunch of races and BMX tracks, too. 

BMX events are obviously very important to everyone at Source. Aside from using them to market your business, what are some other key factors that you think make them so important?

As I said, we have been lucky to see our scene grow and grow and jams and contests have been a huge part of that and bringing new riders in to the sport. 

We all ride and this is what we grew up doing, so it’s an essential part of keeping everyone stoked! 

It’s also a way for the pro riders of the future to break through, which is super important.


For anyone out there considering hosting a local jam, contest, or any other type of event, what words of advice would you give them?

We actually have an article up on our site breaking down a lot of the do’s and don’ts to anyone new to this or hoping to have a go. Check it out -

BMX events have basically been at an all-time low over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you expect them to comeback in full force once we get through this or do you think it will take time to build back to where we were?

I hope so! But all in good time, as nobody should rush coming out of this and put others at risk. I think we will be surprised at the rate this returns to normal - fingers crossed. Larger events may take a little longer to get back to normal due to the planning period that it takes, but I can imagine local jams and community led stuff will be back in abundance as people are going to be keen to hang out and have fun together. 

There’s a real pent up demand to see friends and share experiences. 

Somewhat unrelated to all of this, how likely do you think it is that we’ll see Battle of Hastings in 2021?

Last week, the UK government outlined a “road map” out of all of this and one key point was that they plan to have all restrictions lifted by June, with major sporting events back in place. All subject to the vaccine roll out going as smoothly as it currently is, but looking very hopeful, so we are working towards a full Battle Of Hastings comeback for September 9th-12th. We have been blown away already by the support of our sponsors with all returning - and more - from 2019, so if all goes to plan, we should have a banger for everyone to look forward to!

Anything else brewing at Source headquarters you can tell us about?

Yeah. We’re lucky to always have a bunch of exciting stuff going on here. In Louisville, we are working on creating a sweet new street setup for our staff and riders passing through, as well as a unique retail store - more info on that soon! In the UK, we’re renovating the Source Park while we’re closed with a full development of our outside Courtyard space. New retail spaces, restaurants, and more launching May 2021!


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