I’m originally from Las Vegas. Las Vegas doesn’t have any major sports teams, but it is home to the UFC and many of the biggest fighting events each year. Because of this, I (like so many others) have been watching MMA religiously for the majority of my adult life.

Urijah Faber is one of the most notable fighters in the UFC. He’s been around for years, has headlined huge events, and - especially in Las Vegas - is a household name. I’ve spent my own hard-earned cash to see him fight on more than one occasion and never left disappointed.

Many years ago, Urijah and a friend of his - Scott James - started a clothing brand called Torque. He and many of his training partners have worn Torque into the cage for as long as I can remember and the brand became synonymous with many of the biggest names in fighting. Fast forward to today and Torque is breaking into BMX.

No, this isn’t some random corporate brand trying to make a quick buck off of BMX. The owners are legitimately into it and they’ve enlisted a handful of legit dudes lead by BMX legend TJ Lavin to bring this new program to life.

We caught up with TJ to learn more about Torque, their entrance in BMX, and their plans for the future.


Alright TJ, we know all about you, but we don’t know a whole lot about this new venture. Tell us all about Torque.

Torque was started by my good friend Urijah Faber and Scott James. Urijah is a multi-time world champion fighter and Scott James has an extensive background in business, including starting a very successful supplement company called BSN.

How exactly did Torque get into BMX in the first place?

They called me about a year ago to get into action sports, so naturally we started with my sport - BMX. I’m very pumped to be a partner with Torque now.

Nick Bruce

It seems like there’s already a hell of a team reaping the brand. Give us a rundown of the riders…

The BMX riders involved with Torque are Anthony Napolitan, Terry Adams, Nick Bruce, Leandro Moriera, Marcus Christopher, Colin Joyce, Scott O’Brien, and Tyler Trueman. It’s rad having our team grow so fast. Picking up Tyler and Nick gave us solid dudes out there doing it from now until whenever. We also have our fingers on the next two decades of talent as well. Our youngest rider, Marcus Christopher, is 12-years-old. That kid is gonna be a weapon. Colin Joyce was an automatic pick for me because I know his lineage. Slayer (Casey Joyce), his dad, loves BMX more than anyone in the world and his son’s skills show the dedication that their family has for BMX. I won’t be surprised if Colin turns out to be the next BF. Strong words for sure, but that’s how I see his riding.

Terry Adams

From Fox to Ecko, you’ve had your share of clothing sponsors throughout your career. What do you intend on doing differently now that you’re at the helm?

It’s more of a democracy than anything else I’ve ever been involved with. Usually I just ride for the company and that’s it. I’m very appreciative of the companies I’ve ridden for before, but now I’m able to do what I think is right and it’s on me if it goes good or not. It’s definitely an added stress, but it’s welcomed!

With Torque’s roots in combat, what do all of the guys who have been there since day one think of BMX?

They love BMX and action sports in general. It makes perfect sense for a guy like Urijah Faber to get involved with a humble sport like ours - he’s probably the most relaxed dude in the game. His name is “The California Kid” for Christ’s sake.

Anthony Napolitan

Most BMXers probably don't know this, but the UFC recently signed an exclusive apparel deal with Reebok, meaning that all fighters must be wearing Reebok gear at all times. Is Torque’s venture into BMX at all related to fighters no longer being allowed to wear the brand in the UFC?

The whole Reebok relationship with the UFC definitely sped up Torque’s entry into BMX, but we were in talks long before they even had an inkling something might be going down.

In BMX, we see a lot of clothing companies come and go. Is Torque here to stay?

I really think Torque is here to stay for number of reasons. Both of my partners LOVE BMX and action sports as a whole. It’s been a long time coming that new blood enter the BMX arena. It’s very refreshing having the guys tell me to run with this thing the best I can. Anthony Napolitan and Terry Adams have my back so hard that I don’t bother them everyday with calls or texts asking them to do this or that. They just do it.


Any fighter / BMX collaborations in the works?

The fight game is an individual sport, as is BMX. There are a lot of similarities between the two. One thing I think we’re able to bring to the fight world is a sense of humor and humility.

If a rider wants to pick up some Torque gear, where can they go?

If a rider wants to follow Torque on social media, where can they do it?

Facebook -

Twitter - @torque1net

Instagram - @torqueBMX & @torque1_net


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