NorCal-based street destroyer Tanner Easterla has a new signature line coming out from Radio Bikes. We caught up with Tanner to check out his bike and learn all about the new products.


Frame: Radio Bikes NEMESIS 21”

Bar: Radio Bikes NEMESIS 9.25”

Fork: Radio Bikes NEMESIS 28mm

Headset: Saltplus

Stem: Radio Bikes AXIS

Grips: Radio Bikes Frequency Flangless

Seat: Radio Bikes Fat Tripod

Post: Radio Bikes: Team Tripod 200mm

Cranks: Eclat Aeon 170mm

Sprocket: Saltplus Orion Guard 28t

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Chain: Eclat Diesel

Front Wheel: Eclat Pulse hub with guards, Bondi rim

Rear Wheel: Radio Prototype 14mm female cassette hub with plastic guards, prototype cross laced rim

Tires: Eclat Ridgestone 2.40” front, 2.30” rear

Pegs: Eclat Venom 4”


You must be stoked to have your whole line of signature parts. How did that come about?

I’m beyond stoked to have my whole line of signature parts. It’s definitely a dream come true. I had been on Radio for around six months and then one day Dave Paterson - my Radio TM - called me up asking if I would be down to have a signature parts line, so immediately wrote back saying hell yeah!

When it came to the design, what were some of the important features you wanted in your line?

Durability and strength were high on the list. I’m used to denting and generally putting my bike through hell - crashing and what not, so we made sure we used the strongest materials possible. With the bars, I wanted them taller - 9.25”, but they come a little shorter in width - 29”, so you don’t have to cut them down. The NEMESIS forks are based off the Wraith forks from Radio which I had been riding for a while, but the NEMESIS forks have thicker 6mm dropouts and a shorter 28mm offset, which makes getting into nose manuals and front end tricks easier.

Tell us about the frame…

The NEMESIS frame has thicker plain-gauge tubing, which makes it much harder to dent and twist. With my style of riding, I’m really hard on frames - especially twisting the backend when things get a little buck, so I wanted to make sure that this frame can handle some abuse. The NEMESIS frame comes with a taller 125mm headtube that allows you to keep your forks uncut and bars high without running a bunch of spacers. The dropouts are designed to be a bit smaller than most so they can match the shape of a plastic peg with no dropout hanging out that you can get caught on. I like to grind a lot, so having the perfect shape dropouts was really important for me. We also tried to make the NEMESIS frame affordable, but without sacrificing strength and quality. We saved a lot of cost by not using investment cast parts, but made sure it was strong enough to hold up to my riding. It’s kind of like an AK-47. Strong, simple, dependable, and deadly. Haha!

What’s your favorite part on your bike?

That’s a hard one because I’m in love with all of my parts, but I would say the frame for sure. You can’t beat that signature frame feeling.

The copper color looks great. What other colors will be available?

I couldn't believe it when I got the bike. It’s the sickest color ever! The frame, fork, and bar all come in matt black and copper for now, but expect some new colors in the future.

How has all of this stuff been holding up?

Everything has held up perfectly. Nothing feels better than riding a bike that you really trust. I’ve had this production setup for about three or four months and was riding the prototype before that for another six months. Besides a few scratches, this thing is perfect.

When will the NEMESIS line be available?

The NEMESIS frame, fork, and bar will be available is the US mid-February. Radio Bikes is distributed by QBP over here in the states, so my entire line should be available from most bike shops, which is great!

What do you have in the works for the rest of 2016?

My plans for 2016 are to keep filming and pumping out videos. I’m just wrapping up filming for the NEMESIS promo now, so expect to see that dropping soon. Radio has some real exciting stuff lined up for this year which you will be hearing about soon. Other than that, I just plan to ride my bike as much as I can and have fun!

Any thanks?

I would like to thank my family and homies and a huge thanks to Dave Paterson and Paul Robinson for all their support and helping make my dreams come true!

Radio NEMESIS FramePhotoSeamless 4130 crmo tubing, straight gauge for extra strength

20.75" / 21"/ 21.25"

13.4" slammed chainstay, 13.55" with 25-9

75.25° head tube angle

71° seat tube angle

Mid BB, 74mm wide

11.75" bottom bracket height

9.1" standover height

CNC machined headtube, 125mm tall

6mm thick CNC dropouts for perfect peg/hubguard fit

Clearance for 2.40"+ tires

5.18lbs for 21”

Radio NEMESIS ForkPhoto

Full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo

Fully CNC’d steerer tube, single butted fork legs

Integrated crown race

Designed for integrated headsets (45° bearing)

170mm steerer tube

28mm offset

6mm laser cut dropouts

4130 crmo, heat-treated. 3/8''(10mm)

Hydro-formed tapered blades

6061 cnc alloy topbolt


Radio Nemesis BarPhoto

Full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo

9.25” or 9.75” high

29” wide

11° Backsweep

2° degrees upsweep

2.02lbs for 9.25”

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