Tate Roskelley Bike Check

A mad scientist like Tate Roskelley needs a bike that matches his creative mind, right? Well, maybe not. Check out Tate's fairly-normal GT build, complete with a mag front wheel, some ground-down pegs, and a few bonus axle nuts!


Frame: GT BK Globetrotter 

Fork: Odyssey R32

Bars: GT Dan Conway SMF bars 

Grips: GT grips 

Barends: Plastic GT

Stem: GT BK Elevated 

Headset: I’ve had it for awhile now, so I’m not sure.

Cranks: GT Power Series 175mm

Bottom Bracket: GT.... I think?

Sprocket: GT Power Guard 27t

Chain: Shadow Half Link 

Pedals: GT Plastic

Seat: GT BK

Front Wheel: ACS Z-Mag

Rear Wheel: Odyssey Clutch Hub, Odyssey rim

Front Tire: GT LP-5

Rear Tire: GT LP-5

Pegs: GT Real Steel 

Weight: Not exactly sure - not too heavy or too light.

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

Do you swap parts out much or is this pretty much your ideal setup?

No, not really. Other than tires, I usually run parts for a very long time.  As a sponsored rider, I should probably replace them more often, but I get my bike setup the way I like it and run with it. I can attest that GT parts last a long time! 

Is this paint job something you thought out or did it just end up this way?

I had a vision - let’s just say that. I’ve wanted a white bike for a while and I’m always a sucker for neon green tones, so it just kind of came together. As most of you know, bike manufacturing has slowed down a bit, so it’s not like I could simply request a color. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Subtle 80s vibes!

Tell us about the front wheel... Was it hard to find? How long have you been on it? Do you have a closet full of them?

Most bike shops don’t carry them, but you can definitely find them online. I had one mag that lasted me over two years, but usually they last around a year. I’m not necessarily hard on my front axle other than basic smiths and double pegs, so I haven’t really had too many issues with them breaking. 

Funny you ask - I do have a small collection of mag wheels laying around from over the years. I can’t get myself to throw them away and I always have a fresh one on deck just in case.

What's with the double axle nuts?

The double axle nuts are really just because I haven’t cut my axle down and I don’t want the threads to get ruined. Now that you pointed it out, I’ll have to try some sort of double axle nut grind. Thanks a lot, Kyle. 


Your pegs look pretty ground down. Are you aware of this?  

Holy shit - I didn’t even realize! Haha. All jokes aside, the downside double peg slides I do really eat the corners of the pegs down quick. If you ever see me do one in real life, you’ll probably note the distinct smell of burning asphalt/metal as the pegs slide over whatever I’m sliding on. Good thing pegs are easy to replace and the GT Real Steel pegs are built for the challenge. These particular ones have lasted me over eight months of brutal grindage. They’re doing better than the blacktop, let’s just say…


Are you weight conscious at all with your bike?

Nowadays, I feel like most top-end BMX bikes are ready to go. The only thing I really do to save weight is cut my seatpost down, but I think that’s just an OCD thing or something. It makes no sense to have all that extra pipe in your seat tube.  

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

Tate Roskelley Bike Check

What’s the oldest part on your bike?

Probably my headset. I have no idea how long I’ve been running it, but it’s holding strong.

What part do you end up replacing the most?

100% without a doubt tires. If I’m doing a specific slider trick, I’ve burned through a tire in a day - but usually they last me a couple of months. I’m probably one of the few riders that goes through more front tires than rear.  


You've been on GT for a little over two years now. Any signature parts in the works?  

Well, I heard through the grapevine that I do indeed have some signature stuff in the works. I won’t say too much other than keep your eyes peeled for some cool things coming up!

What do the next few months have in store for you? Any projects on the horizon?

I do have some video part stuff I’m going to start working on really soon. As you shot this bike check with me, we were discussing how after a band puts out an album, they’ve gotta take a little time to separate from the project - and I couldn’t agree more. Any time I put out a section that I’ve worked hard on, it feels like I’m starting from ground zero - I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like that - but I like to start building up with new ideas and brainstorming. It’s exciting, but the first clip for any project feels like the hardest one sometimes.

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