​Age. We all have one. In BMX, the lower the number, the better… or so it seems.

A lot of us start riding when we’re twelve or thirteen. The dedicated stick around through their adolescent years, even though there are serious temptations. One can easily get carried away with cars, a love life, school, musical concerts, really great television programming, or whatever else it is you kids do nowadays.

Then, your twenties roll around. You need to get your damn life together! Career, drinking, hanging out with important people… all of this is becoming more important and taking priority as life gets balanced out. The saddest part is you generally have far less time to ride, but you've never been better. In your prime with no time. These frustrations and more lead to many of the best of us eventually falling off.

What we're talking about right now are the guys who have weathered the storm of life and are still killing it in their thirties - and beyond. Plenty of riders continue riding at thirty, but most have slowed down - significantly. These guys have dealt with marriage, divorce, children, dropped sponsors, extensive travel, injuries, mortgages, making and losing friends, and a million other things. But, nothing will stop these fine gentlemen's warrior spirits. It's in their DNA that they must continue.

As I stare down the ugly face that is my own thirtieth birthday, I remember the good times and the bumps in the roads as I pay my respect to the ten best riders over thirty that are still going strong, still progressing, and still putting out content.

10. Brian Kachinsky

Age: 34

The ever-evolving ball of fury. Early footage of Kachinsky might lead you to believe he was actually suicidal. Since then, the brakes have come off, more pegs have gone on, and even gnarlier and more technical stuff has been handled with class. Kachinsky is the wrecking ball Miley Cyrus refers to in her song wrecking ball.

9. Gary Young

Age: 32

Young is a very fitting last name. Gary will be forever young. Getting older often gives people bitter old man syndrome. Not the case with Gary. There’s always a smile on his face. He's always so nice. But, we're talking about riding here. His last video was his best ever! He's still placing in contests and still constantly coming up with new stuff.

8. Daniel Dhers

Age: 30

In the not-so-distant past, there was a point in the contest world where there wasn’t even a close second to Dhers. He was light years ahead of the game and people are still catching up. Daniel still wins contests and continues to push himself, all while pushing himself in the world of business. Daniel also participated in one of last year's hottest new moves - The Dick Vacuum.

7. Jamie Bestwick

Age: 44

You aren't going to get a better example of of a guy whose birth certificate says one thing, but his actions say another. The almighty king of vert is much closer to fifty than thirty and he definitely plans on staying on top for several more years to come. Hopefully Jamie writes a health and wellness book at some point.

6. Corey Martinez

Age: 32

From the very first footage Corey ever put out, you could just tell theres something special about this guy. He has to be a fan of his own riding because there’s a lot of pride in his trick selection, style, and work ethic. We're all looking forward to seeing where he continues to push it.

5. Sean Burns

Age: 32

Punk Rock. Proud. Insane. Horny. Burly. Calculated. Hilarious. You won't see these words together unless it's describing Sean Burns. With all things equated, it seems impossible for him to even exist - let alone continuing to do sky-high roof drops well into adulthood. Long live Sean Burns.

4. Brian Foster

Age: 43

The Blue Falcon soars as high and gracefully as ever. His section in Holy Fit was a masterpiece. Well-polished style, new moves and a great song! He's so legendary that his friends went and made a documentary about his life and it was a total surprise to him! There have been rumors that we may not see too much more from him, but hopefully he proves us wrong.

3. Mark Webb

Age: 30

Mark Webb went and made technical ramp riding his own. There's a book of tricks that he created and only he's done. He has one of the most copied styles in all of BMX. On top of being an innovator, he's incredibly dialed. Mark just recently joined thirty-plus club and has had a rough past couple years with injuries, but he hasn't lost the passion. We will continue to see mind blowing combos indefinitely.

2. Van Homan

Age: 36

Van was just twenty-two-years-old when he dropped a bomb on the BMX world. This bomb wasn't nuclear. No, it was much more powerful. It was his video part in Criminal Mischief. When someone rides that dangerously, they usually have a limited time to stick around before their body completely falls apart. Van's had his fair share of injuries - including a near career ending head injury just a few years ago - but there is no stopping him. Rambo has Van Homan tattooed across his chest so when he looks in the mirror he sees the toughest man on earth.

1. Ryan Nyquist

Age: 36

Historically, the pound-for-pound best rider. Ryan hit the scene at a very young age, went straight to the top, and has stayed there well into his thirties. Ryan is our best hero. He's laid the ground work for what it looks like to have a long, respectable and truly professional career.  We can all learn a thing or two or three from him. Personally, he's been a great friend and watching him flip the Dorton gap at Woodward West was the single craziest thing I've ever seen on a bike.

Honorable Mentions: A case could easily be made for any one of these guys to be number one, but there’s also a case for several other guys to make the top ten. Here are a few other thirty-plus shredders still out there killing it -

Mark Mulville, Rob Darden, Cory Nastazio, Jason Enns, Chris Doyle, DMC, Ruben Alcantara, James Foster, Simon Tabron

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