​Damn. Another Interbike down. I’m glad I’m typing this and not speaking it because I, like many others, lost my voice. The average daily word output is easily quadrupled during Interbike, as well as number of steps taken (my phone says I walked 20,000 steps on Thursday alone). So, what’s with all the walking and talking? It’s a celebration and a time for companies to show off their hard work. BMX only plays a small role in the show because all types of bicycles are making a showcase. Since there are so many people and different types of bikes, you see some strange stuff. Based on being an Interbike veteran - I’ve been going to the show for fourteen years - I’ve decided it’s time for my own personal awards ceremony. The winners of these categories - which were chosen by me - receive a digital pat on the back. So, without further adieu, here are the first (and possibly last) JOSHes.  



We’re talking about the structure itself here. This award goes to… The Building (S&M / Fit / United)! Great work, guys. They built a wooden platforms that raised some of their bikes to eye level. It really made their product pop. Simple, yet effective. Congratulations, Building! You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Sparky’s



The competition was stiff, but it was a no brainer when I saw it - The Subrosa / Slayer collab!  If you somehow aren’t familiar, Slayer is one of the biggest, most iconic heavy metal bands of all time. With BMX anthems like Raining Blood and Angel of Death, you know it’s gotta be gnarly. A cool BMX bike affiliated with such an iconic band is a big deal. These will sell out. Grab one while you can! Congratulations, Subrosa. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: WeThePeople Zodiac



Once I got to the Cult booth, I didn’t have to look any Further. That’s right. Further. A long time ago, Sean Ricany made fun of me for buying clothes at Target. He’s since grown up and become a super shredder who knows how to make cool stuff. All of the Further goods look damn good and they even have a seat collab in the works with Cult. Congratulations, Further. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Shadow



Haro Nyquist. Haro gave Ryan Nyquist a frame to celebrate his unprecedented twenty years with the brand. Haro spared no details in creating something special for such a milestone. The junction where the seat stays, top tube, and seat tube all meet is a unique design and this frame is reminiscent of the first version. It’s also the same blue that it originally came in. I picked this based on nostalgia and my affinity for Nyquist. The original version was my first bike ever! Congratulations, Haro. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: WeThePeople Battleship



I’m going with Mutant Bikes’ new Spliner Cranks. You gotta love it when someone comes up with something totally unique that makes sense at the same time. The crank arms are attached to half spindles and they tighten into each other in the center of the bottom bracket by splines. Good thinking. I’m just curious of how easy they are to disassemble… These may look pretty crazy, but remember what you thought the first time you saw a pivotal seat? Congratulations, Mutant Bikes. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Eclat with larger diameter tubing where bars and stem meet



For those of you who haven’t been, at Interbike a lot of companies give away free stuff. This could be anything from samples of Powerbars, to stickers, to any other damn thing. There really weren’t as many gifts this year, but I also could have just not hit the right places. But, my clear cut winner is a super bright yellow shirt that says “Free Bike Porn.” I scored it at some electric bike booth. Congratulations, random electric bicycle company. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Haro had Red Vines.



Like I said before, Interbike is huge and diverse. You’re bound to run into some strange stuff. This year, these helmet condoms caught my eye. It’s like an outfit for your helmet. You know… a halloween costume for your head. It was right in the middle of the BMX section, too. Completely unavoidable. Wow, this is stupid. Congratulations, morons! You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: An off-road recumbent bike. That would hurt your balls!



I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. BMX riders all dress very similarly. All black, snug fitting clothes isn’t going to win here. I was really hoping for a clear-cut, obvious winner. I did see a good one on the way to registration (a beautiful green leisure suit on an old man), but thought there would have to be better ones. So, this guy wins. Side note, this was very awkward to get a photo. Congratulations, strange man. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: A guy dressed how I’d imagine a snake would dress.



Eastern’s Titanium Grim Reaper. It’s back! I straight up didn’t see that coming. A few years ago, there was an arms race to see who could make the lightest products. Eastern’s answer was the Titanium Grim Reaper and Titanium Handlebars. The weight of product isn’t as much of a big deal anymore, so coming out with an insanely light part caught me off guard. They’ve insured me it’s much stronger this time around and, judging by the welds, I believe them. Congratulations, Eastern. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Haro Nyquist 20 Year Frame



Companies often bring people of notability to draw attention to their booths. This year was no exception. The award goes to Travis Pastrana. Makes sense. Dirtbikes are BMX’s older, buffer, bro’d out cousin from Riverside. Seems perfectly logical for the most internationally recognizable face of the sport to make an appearance, especially with his involvement in Nitro Circus and their new partnership with Snafu. Congratulations, Travis. You win a JOSH!

Honorable Mention: Josh Betley



The new Haro Master. This is my personal favorite product of the show. Combining retro BMX style with modern BMX technology is really working for Haro. Keep it coming! It’s just down right sexy. I am very aroused. Congratulations, Haro. You win another JOSH!



This old lady. 

Honorable Mention: Josh Betley

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