The Top 5 New Pros of 2017

BMX is a bit of a cruel beast. Every year, we see new pros move in and old pros move out. Let’s focus on the fun part of this conundrum! For the most part, BMX is a young man’s game and the fresh blood breeds maximum progression. 2017 - like so many other years - saw many amazing riders hit the pro ranks. As far as we’re concerned, these are the top five! All of their paths were different, but they all led to the same, much-deserved result.

5. Brett Silva - Sunday


Skip to 9:08 for Brett's section

The master of the toboggan! We’ve been watching Brett Silva kill it for a number of years and - in January of this year - he got the much-anticipated bump to Sunday’s pro team. Since officially becoming a professional, Brett has dropped footage from from Austin, Texas to Taipei, Taiwan. While primarily known for his burliness, Brett can also get incredibly technical with manual and grind combos. Riders love Brett's attitude and he seems to be a welcome addition on any trip. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from Brett in years to come!

4. Chris James - Colony


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Though Chris James has been a staple in the Australian scene for a number of years, he didn’t show up on the international radar until the 2017 Vans BMX Pro Cup. And, when he did, he blew minds. Chris has an arsenal of huge tricks and goes about three feet higher than everyone else. He got the bump to Colony’s pro team in October and I’m confident this is the start of something big. Hopefully his future includes a few signature parts and a lot more concrete destruction!

3. Irek Rizaev - Red Bull



Can Red Bull turn a rider pro? In my opinion, no. However, I’m completely contradicting myself here because - to the best of my knowledge - they’re Irek Rizaev’s only pro sponsor. They officially added him at Simple Session of this year and he’s been competing all over the world ever since. Between the Red Bull gig and his consistent placing in high-level events, the dude is a pro. The young Russian is one of the fresh faces on the contest scene and, with countless tailwhip and barspin combos, he’ll be landing on the podium for years to come. Also, did you see that quintuple tailwhip? That's five. Five tailwhips.

2. Alec Siemon - Sunday


Skip to 12:25 for Alec's section

I remember five or six years ago - when nose manuals were becoming commonplace - everybody joked about doing tailwhips out of one. Eventually, it happened on an up-ledge. A few more happened, but it never became a normal thing. Then Alec Siemon showed up. Alec does legit tail whips out of legit nose manuals and so, so much more. He’s almost like a modern day Max Gaertig. Alec got the bump up to Sunday’s pro team in July and, between Sunday and Common Crew content, has been dropping mind-blowing content since. Did you watch his Odyssey vs Sunday section? You should have. He’s one of the most exciting and innovative riders in BMX today and we’re lucky to have him. 

1. Dan Kruk - WeThePeople



Dan Kruk followed the classic BMX model. Move to California, put out some good footage, turn pro. That doesn’t sound very exciting, but god damn it was! Dan’s been on the radar for quite some time and the timing was right. Everything came together. I think the amount of work he put in to make this happen made it that much sweeter. He quickly catapulted from another face in the crowd to one of BMX’s top street riders. From creative combos to burly street moves, Dan does it all and does it all well. He earned this, he’s continued to bless us with bangers since getting the bump, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Welcome to the big leagues, Dan. I officially forgive you for stealing my free breakfast in Estonia. 

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