The Badical Biker Beach Bash Video

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Text and video by Kyle Carlson

Saturday, September 16th, the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego, California played host to The Badical Biker Beach Bash. The park is really supportive of BMX and has been putting on a couple of contests a year for the past few years. The Badical Biker Beach Bash definitely lived up to its name, except for the part about the beach—the beach was about five minutes away.

A bunch of riders from all over California and the rest of the West Coast came down to check out the jam. The only real let down of the weekend was the fact that park local and BMX master Steve Woodward injured his wrist just days before the contest and had to sit this one out. That was definitely a disappointment because he'd been talking about a few crazy new lines.

Some of the highlights of the contest include Joe Riley's huge flairs on random obstacles and 360-tables over the box, Kelly Bolton''s barrel roll/flatspin tables, Steve Kennedy being super-dialed on really hard technical tricks, Vince Kroff riding way too fast, Ben Hucke getting knocked onto his broken leg in footdown, and Beto jumping across the entire park in only his boxers and sandals.

However, the biggest highlight of the contest was getting to watch the Dennis Enarson show. Dennis Enarson is a 15-year-old kid from San Diego that is way better than anyone of any age should be on a bike. Dennis had moves like cross--legged backflips over the box, double-tailwhip airs, flairs, barspin-to-footjams on the sub box (first time ever?), footjams on top of the curved wallride, and 360-double-tailwhips over the box. Dennis took home the victory at the Badical Biker Beach Bash and killed a bunch of cocky young backflippers’ confidence. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and he'll be on top of this whole BMX game before he reaches adulthood. And if you don't know, now you know.

Click here to watch the video.
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