The Foothold: A New Pedal from Alienation

Alienation recently dropped a brand new pedal that grabbed the attention of the BMX world. The Foothold is big, sealed, made of ruggedly durable engineering-grade thermoplastic, and features easily-replaceable metal pins. We caught up with Alienation founder Zach Taylor to learn a bit more about the pedal and everything it took to bring it to life.


Congrats on the new pedal. What makes this one special?

Size matters. They are big. The grip is unreal, yet you can still make adjustments.   


How long has the Foothold pedal been in the works?

Approximately a year and half.      


Who actually designed it? Did anyone else give additional input?

I have to give props to our sister company Origin8 and their protect manager, as they had the Vex pedal on the market previously. The Foothold fed off that design, with minor changes. Presently, we share the tooling.  

I know there were a few prototypes out there. How long did you test it for? 

Rider tested for six months, give or take. It passes the test standard of ISO 4210 - safety requirements for bikes.   

Were there any revisions before it went into production?

Like everything, there are tweaks. However, we plan to add micro-knurling down the road for extra grip. Rather than wait, we released the first batch while we make tooling changes.    




This isn’t your first pedal but, in the short time it’s been out, it’s already gotten more shine than the rest. What do you attribute that to?

Our Effect pedals are fantastic on the most basic level. They compete with a whole host of similarly spec’ed pedals. Add value - utilizing advanced materials - through increase cost and the product stands out.      


Which of your riders are currently on these? 

We get hit up constantly for these. Presently Nick Bruce, Daniel Sandoval, Alex Landeros, Jake Hinke, and Ryan “Soda Pop” Dare to name a few.   


Nick Bruce mentioned how grippy these are. What aspects of the pedal impact that?

Shape plays a role, but you have to point your finger at the pins, mostly.


What do these weigh in at?

A svelte 360 grams for the set.


What’s the deal with getting replaceable pins?

For sub $5 one can pick up a pack of 10 M3-9 replacement pin and nuts.


How long should a pair of these last? 

It’s all rider dependent.  


For riders who want to pick up a set, where should they go?

The usual suspects in the online game or any bike shop purchasing through JBI.BIKE.


"I’ve only had these pedals on for a couple of weeks and I don’t see them coming off. They are my first plastic pedals in eight years. I didn’t think I’d ever switch back to plastic since most plastic pedals aren’t grippy enough. These Alienation pedals actually feel grippier than the metal ones I was running, so I was instantly hooked."

- Nick Bruce

For more information on the Foothold pedal, visit Alienation's site!

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