The List with Joe Riley  

Photo by Pete Demos


3 Favorite Bands
I like a lot of metal—death metal BS. Behemoth, Belphagor, Decapitated…crap like that.

3 Best Places to Travel
Anywhere besides where I live is a “best place.”

3 Best People to Ride with
The first person I have to say is Matt Colisch. He’s one of my best friends and we always have a great time when we go ride. Next would be Eric Babbel—the dude is so dialed! He does whatever he wants wherever he wants whenever he wants! The last person I’m going to have to say is Tyson Baker. He hucks himself and I’m constantly laughing my ass off at him.

3 Favorite Spots
I think my favorite spot when I was younger was Woodward, PA, but I haven’t been back there since 2001 when I was a camper. Any trails that I get to ride—that’s all I’ve been riding lately. Trails are the best! I don’t’ know another spot…I’m lame.

3 Things You Hate
This is easy: Emo, scene douches… Any dude wearing makeup needs to be shot.

3 Reasons to Live in SoCal
Hot women, some good spots, and you can ride year round.

3 Favorite Tricks
My favs right now are 360s, tuck no-handers, and tables.

3 Reasons You Ride a Bike
Because I love to! Because it’s my life. Because she beats me back.

3 Things You hope Happen this Year
I hope my bad luck streak stops! I hope I get to go back to Europe and visit more places. And I hope to hop into a couple contests for some fun.

3 Things that Always Make You Smile
My friends, my family, and riding my bike.

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