The Olympics = POSTPONED; Thoughts from Riders

The 2020 Olympics are going to be postponed.

This seemed inevitable based on the current state of the world and International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound discussed the matter with USA TODAY earlier today -

"On the basis of the information the IOC has, postponement has been decided. The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on July 24. That much I know."

While no future plans have been formally made, this clearly throws a wrench into the plans of some of BMX's best riders. Here are a few initial thoughts - 


"I am happy that the health of athletes is getting taken so seriously, but it is a bit disappointing and stressful to have to wait. Thankfully, we have amazing support to work through the mental process of The Olympics being postponed. For my riding, everything is sticking to normal and I'm just working to stay in good physical condition so I am prepared for anything that could happen!

- Hannah Roberts


"The Olympics being postponed is crap news, but inevitable by the way the world is right now. I’m extremely bummed over this, but the Tokyo Olympics will happen at some point. It’s not only crap news about the Olympics, but also the fact there are no events to work towards, travel restrictions, and shut downs of businesses. Life isn’t normal at the moment."

- Logan Martin


"As most of us know, since the outbreak, this was something that could happen and was on the table. Yesterday when I saw the news, I took I deep breath and just accepted it. We have to be ready for the changes always. Health is, of course, a priority. Also, there is still not a postponed date confirmed, so I will keep riding for myself and pushing myself to be ready at any time. Also, to all my friends and riders, stay safe. Praying that this will end soon.

- Kenneth Tencio


I think it’s the right decision. Trying to do The Games right now would put a physical and mental constraint on the athletes. Some people are on lockdown and it would make it unfair for them to compete if they aren’t able to practice. I’m interested to see how everything’s going to pan out, but I think this is the right move.”

- Daniel Dhers


"It’s definitely a crazy time in our lives. Who would have thought we’d live through a pandemic like this and pretty much have the whole world shutting down? I’m absolutely gutted about The Games being postponed but, in saying that, it’s just more time to get ready, learn more tricks to be a better rider, and keep grinding towards achieving my goal. No matter when The Games begin, I’ll be ready. But I do want all my fellow riders, family, and friends to stay safe during this crazy time in our lives!

- Brandon Loupos


"I believe The Olympics being postponed is the right decision, mainly for the safety of the athletes and the spectators. Obviously, it's very disappointing for us athletes because we all worked very hard to get to this point. I would like to see The Games being set on a different date rather than being cancelled indefinitely. If they decide to add more competitions into an extended qualifying period, I don't really mind. I managed to qualify this time and I am confident I can make the next one too. My training hasn't slowed down any. I just hope whatever decision they come to they allow the athletes to voice their opinion.

- Justin Dowell


"I believe it is the right decision to postpone The Olympics. As unfortunate as it is, health should be the number one priority. Training has been affected and I don’t feel it would be fair to make athletes compete."

- Perris Benegas

Stay tuned to Vital BMX for more information on this drastic change.

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