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It’s a known fact that when Red Bull does an event, they do not play around. The latest BMX proof of this went down last night at the Red Bull Experiment with Kevin Robinson in New York. The idea was to build a giant quarterpipe and then Kevin would attempt to break the record for the highest air on a bike. But Red Bull didn’t just set up a ramp anywhere; the monstrosity was constructed right in the middle of Central Park with an amazing view of NYC in the background. Every time you thought you were at a regular BMX event, all you had to do was take another look at the insane ramp and the skyline looming in the background and you knew things were being taken to a whole new level.

Kevin practiced on the ramp yesterday (Thursday) morning and he blasted a 25-foot air on the 27-foot tall ramp, but he decided to save the rest for the actual Experiment that night. Before the Experiment started, a couple of music acts played including Talib Kweli; it’s always cool to see big-time music acts playing on the flat-bottom of a BMX ramp.

When it was time to start going for the record, things were tense. Kevin was blasting huge airs, but he landed low a few times and with that much force, the bike shot out from under him giving him quite a few gnarly crashes. Kevin was not to be stopped, though. The roll-in he was using was 60 feet high and Kevin was hitting 45 miles per hour on the way to the quarter. By the end of the night he tamed the beast of a ramp, and set the new record at 27 feet out. That put him 54 feet off the ground and into the history books. Mat Hoffman was on hand to lend support, verify the height, and to pass the record to Kevin (Mat held the previous record at 26-1/2 feet).

If you are anywhere in the NYC area, you still have a chance to see the big ramp in action. On Saturday Kevin will be hosting the Kevin Robinson Innovational on the ramp where a few other riders will ride the ramp with Kevin to see what they can do. For more information hit up
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