The Top 5 Women Riders of 2017

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest stories of 2017 was the rise of the women riders. With freestyle’s addition to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the women are finally hitting the main stage and progressing their skills alongside these developments. The UCI Urban World Championships paid the men and women equally - giving the winner $10,000. An amount this large was absolutely unheard of for women riders before this. Women from all over the world are riding better than we’ve ever seen and these are our top five of 2017!

5. Nina Buitrago



At thirty-six years of age, Nina is a veteran to the BMX game and has been considered an integral part of the pro ranks for over ten years. Although she battled a few injuries throughout 2017, she still managed to attend multiple events and uphold a strong presence amongst the community. Chances are you saw Nina’s section in Etnies Chapters at some point in the past few months. Being involved in the biggest video of the year and having her footage alongside riders like Nathan Williams and Chase Hawk is huge for women’s BMX. 

4. Nikita Ducarroz



Twenty-year-old Nikita Ducarroz had the biggest year of her young career in 2017. In addition to dropping her first video project for Mongoose, she also picked up a few new sponsors and managed to finish second overall in the UCI BMX World Cup series. With new moves like 540s and no handed flips, I think it’s safe to say the best is yet to come from Nikita. Although she lives in the United States, Nikita is working with Switzerland’s cycling federation and has her sights set on representing them in the 2020 Olympics.

3. Lara Lessmann


Photo: Jan Bekurtz

The young German shredder seemed to basically come out of nowhere and took 2017 by storm. Lara didn’t ride in many events this past year, but definitely made it count when she did. Lara is the only woman not named Hannah Roberts to win a FISE event (Budapest). She also took second in both the Chengdu FISE stop and the UCI World Championships. Lara is 17-years-young, has an incredibly high progression rate, and has recently relocated to Berlin in order to focus more heavily on her riding. I expect to her on even more podiums in 2018. Also, it's probably worth noting that - to the best of my knowledge, at least - she's the only woman to ever do a crankflip barspin!

2. Maca Perez


Photo: Cédric De Rodot

Maca Perez makes BMX look really, really, really good. In addition to clicking proper tables, she’s dialed at tailwhips on quarters and even throws out the occasional superman seatgrab. There are a number of awesome female riders from South America and Chile’s Perez is definitely the top dog. She finished third overall in the UCI BMX World Cup series and second at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach. Maca recently celebrated her twenty-first birthday and has a huge future ahead of her. Bike control, style, and flow!

1. Hannah Roberts


Photo: FISE

This one had to be obvious, right? Hannah has basically won everything that could possibly be won in women’s BMX. She’s the youngest rider on this list and, quite frankly, is a few big steps ahead of her competitors. From flairs on big quarterpipes to truckdrivers on big spines, Hannah is pushing the boundaries of what a woman can do on a BMX bike every single day. She won the UCI World Cup. She won the UCI World Championship. She won the Vans BMX Pro Cup. Until The Olympics in 2020, Hannah has basically run out of events to win. It’s insane to think about where Hannah’s riding is going to be at the end of 2018 and I can’t wait to sit back and watch it happen.

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