The Top Ten BMX Riders of the Decade - Part 1

A decade isn't just a cool trick. It's a block of time. Ten years, to be exact. One hundred twenty months. Three thousand, six hundred fifty days. You get it, right? Yeah...

Freestyle BMX is still such a young sport that, in addition to being a significant amount of time, this decade also represents a very meaningful portion fo the sport's lifetime. BMX is growing, progressing, and advancing every day and this past decade was full of riders and riding that have transcended anything imaginable in the early 80s. 

As we welcome in 2020, let's celebrate ten of the riders who had the biggest impact on the sport this past decade!

10 - Chad Kerley


Chad was just fifteen-years-old at the start of this decade and saying he maximized his time would be a gigantic understatement. The BMX world really got to see Chad develop into the rider that he is today right in front of our eyes and the highlights haven't slowed down in the least. From taking home multiple X Games gold medals to dropping epic video parts for brands like Cinema and Haro, Chad's consistency shines in all aspects whenever he gets on his bike. His signature swagger, nose manual mastery, and ability to link together unfathomable combinations have progressed street riding as a whole and influenced riders all over the world.

9 - Hannah Roberts


Though the bulk of Hannah's work has taken place recently - she was only eight at the start of the decade - the fact that she has risen up and lead women's BMX to new heights deserves serious recognition. In the not-so-distant past, seeing ladies consistently pulling tricks like 360 tailwhips and flairs in competition didn't seem to be on the horizon. Hannah's work ethic, natural ability, and high level of progression not only opened up these doors, but it also pushed women all over the world to follow suit. Hannah has already changed the game and, based on her young age and the addition of The Olympics to freestyle BMX, there's a good chance her best years are still ahead of her.

8 - Matthias Dandois


In the good old days, everybody rode a bit of flatland. As the sport progressed, bikes changed, and everything became much more segregated. Over the past decade, a handsome young Frenchman named Matthias Dandois perfected his craft and reconnected the bridge between flatland and the rest of freestyle BMX. Everything about Matthias - from the clothes he wears, to the bike he rides, to his attitude off the bike - speaks to BMX as a whole and he's done an incredible job bringing flatland to the marquee as often as possible. Matthias never slows down. His travel schedule is so insane that he is regularly missing practice days at events due to other obligations. In addition to riding, Matthias has dabbled in acting and modeling, and it seems that he's successful in every area he explores. Wherever he ends up on the globe, it's guaranteed that his bike will be there with him. 

7 - Logan Martin


Kyle Baldock raised contest riding to a new level and Logan Martin kept it there. Logan started this decade slowly but, by 2012, had found his groove and was making big moves. Logan has won every major title in BMX. From the FISE overall, to the UCI World Championship, to X Games golds in multiple disciplines - if it's out there, he's claimed it. Though his career is still young, Logan locking down his spot as the best competitor in BMX history is entirely feasible. With his competitive mindset, serious outlook on BMX, and dedication to being the best, Logan has redefined what it means to be a professional BMX rider.

6 - Dakota Roche


Dak doesn't stop. It's crazy. I think a lot of people expected to see him slowing down by now, but it's not happening. Everything he's done is mind-blowing and it looks like there's somehow more to come. Cult started in 2010 has grown to be one of the most prominent brands in the BMX game. Would they be in this same position without Dakota flying the flag since day one? I doubt it. Dakota has dropped video part after video part over the past ten years and continues to push his riding even further. Cinema, Monster, Vans, and Cult all put him to work and he delivers 100% of the time. From Let 'Em Talk in 2010 to Shimmer in 2019 - and everything in between - Dakota Roche's body of work and overall longevity are unmatched. 

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