The Winners of the Vital BMX Profile Contest

Two weeks ago we started combing through Vital BMX looking for the coolest Member Profiles on the site. We narrowed it down to the top seven, and then we posted a poll on the Vital BMX homepage to let the users vote on the best of the best. We figured that we would get one clear winner this way, but things got a little wild. A few people got a little shady, and fake votes were showing up like crazy. The fake votes were not coming from the people in the contest, though, which was pretty interesting. Each time one of the contestant’s total votes jumped way ahead, the Profile owner e-mailed to let us know that something was up, and that all of the votes that just showed up most likely were not legit. Pretty cool.

In the end, we decided the most fair thing to do was to hook all of the top-seven Vital BMX Members up. In a couple of weeks, these seven guys should all be sporting some new threads.

We have a lot more Vital BMX shirts and stickers to give away, and one of the best ways to score some is to get your Profile running tight. You never know what it could lead to. To see some examples of cool Profiles, check these links out below.

The Winners of the Vital BMX Profile Contest  Bonde
Photo freestyler963
Photo jaxbmxr22
Photo jeffgothro
Photo Mediocre BMX
Photo team70sbmx
Photo tHi3RrY



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