Park riding is cool. As a matter of fact, park riding is cooler right now than it has been in many years. Riders are getting better, smarter, and more creative and new skateparks are continuing to pop up all over the globe. While we’ve still got plenty of box jump warriors out there learning the next big trick, park riding has evolved into something much more diverse. Let’s take a moment to recognize three amazing riders who are at the forefront of modern-day park riding.

Kriss Kyle

Exactly how and why Kriss Kyle is so awesome is difficult to put in words. How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does a sun set? How does a posi-trac rear-end on a Plymouth work? He just is.

Kriss Kyle simply has a brain for BMX. He’s got an awesome skill set and can find amazing lines at any park in the world - regardless of how much it has to offer. His linking skills - whether it be by manualing or fakieing - are unmatched.

Kriss Kyle makes riding a skatepark cool. He’s got it all figured out. Just watch and you'll understand.

Pat Casey

Pat has been in the game for a while and, whether it was on purpose or not, he pretty much re-invented his riding the minute he put a freecoaster on. Now, with his ramp mastery, creative mind, and new tool that opens up endless backwards possibilities, he’s changing the way a mini ramp can be ridden.

Pat still does all of the “business” tricks (flairwhips and whatnot), but does them in lines that end with creative moves you’ve never seen before (full cab can can?).

It’s pretty rare to see a brakeless bike with a freecoaster that’s primarily made for ramp riding, but Pat is changing the rules.

Kostya Andreev

It seems like just yesterday so much of BMX progression was “where can you put a barspin in that?” Well, Kostya Andreev took that idea, juiced it up with a bunch of steroids, and added in three barspins where even just one was nuts.

This guy can do more tricks in one air than a lot of BMX riders will do in a year. He literally did a tailwhip to footjam to barspin to barspin. Seriously. That’s something that is real.

While Kostya’s style isn’t for everyone (I hate no handers that aren’t full!), one must admit that his skill level is on another planet. I seriously don’t have the slightest clue as to what combos this guy will be doing in two years. Kostya Andreev is proof that BMX is nowhere near maxed out.

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