Timothé Bringer: Bike Check / Behind Bangers and Baguettes

This trip wasn’t planned. I was in Gdansk, Poland for Baltic Games and, from there, I was heading south to Dawid Godziek’s compound to shoot with Dawid and Colton Walker. Dawid injured his knee, so it turned into just shooting with Colton. Then, at the last minute - while I was already in Gdansk - Colton had to bail on the trip due to an illness. Here I was on the other side of the world with no plans and a plane ticket home for a week later - with a $1,000 change fee if I was to leave early. 

Then I encountered our large French hero. I had hung out with Tim Bringer at a few events and knew he absolutely killed it on his bike. The dude is thoroughly underrated. His English is good - not great - and I notoriously speak way too fast, so we had some difficulty communicating. Nonetheless, I asked Tim if he was down for a last-minute, unplanned trip to send some bangers on Godziek’s jumps in Poland. Tim made some calls, changed his flight, and made it happen. 

The next few days were absolutely awesome. Dawid and his family showed us amazing hospitality and Tim threw down hammers. The flip triple whip to barspin was an unexpected added bonus!


For those of you getting your first introduction to Tim, he’s 19-years-young, from France, and one of the best riders at throwing down big tricks on big jumps in the world. Tim could do incredibly well in jumping-based contests (Nitro World Games Triple Hit, Toyota Challenge BMX triples, etc) and I’m optimistic he’ll be able to make it to them next year. 

Check out Tim’s bike and learn a little more about The French Warhammer below - 


Sponsors: Frenchy’s Distribution, GT Bicycles, BMX Gangster, Kenny Racing

Frame: GT Fueler

Fork: Odyssey R-25

Bars: Cult AK

Bar Ends: WTP Supreme


Stem: Éclat Mercury

Grips: ODI Longneck XL

Headset: Éclat Cargo

Cranks: Éclat Aeon

Bottom Bracket: Éclat

Sprocket: WTP Turmoil 

Chain: Salt Cool


Pedals: Salt Plus Echo

Seat: Sunday Laser shark

Front Tire: Éclat Control 

Front Wheel: Éclat Trippin Rim,  Éclat Pulse V2 Hub

Rear Tire: Eclat control

Rear Wheel: Odyssey 7KA Rim, Éclat Pulse V2 Hub


Are you aware that I said your last name like a dumb American for a very long time? (It's pronounced like "brin-jay")

Hahaha, yes I am, but don’t worry. You’re not the first one!

Does that happen a lot?

Yes. After fourteen years of competition almost all over the world, I think my brother and I have heard all the pronunciations possible. Haha!

Where exactly do you live in France?

I live in Vence. It’s in the southeast of France and my bike park is only ten minutes from my house, so that’s cool.

Are there a lot of riders in your area or is it mostly just you and your brother?

There are not a lot of dirt and park riders in my area, but we have a little team of five riders to ride with often. But, when our friends are not free for a session, it’s always good to ride only with my brother!

I know you’ve been going to school. What are you studying?

Next year I’m going to a mathematical university and I still don’t know if I will have time to ride my bike, but normally it’s ok!

How was Poland?

Poland was sick! It’s always fun in Gdansk for Baltic Games. The city is really nice and I’m stoked with my first place in dirt! The only negative point in Gdansk is that there isn’t elevator in the train station… haha! After all the stairs I went up with my bike bag to get to Godziek’s place, I’m happy to announce Dawid’s dog is my good friend now. 


What did you think of Godziek’s jumps?

The two jumps are really good. Big, but easy to ride so, it’s really fun to send tricks on these jumps. The jump in the forest was cool too, but when you’re alone to ride, it’s not easy to find the perfect speed. I didn’t touch the landing on the first try, but it was soft so I’m alive!

How long have you wanted to do the flip triple whip to bar?

I wanted to try it at the start of the year because I was riding a jump that was really big during a show, but it’s not easy to try tricks like that during a show when you have one try per-day. So, I was waiting to find a good jump to try it.

Was that jump perfect for it?

Yes. I think it was a perfect jump because I didn’t try it in a foam pit before. It was cool to have a big step up with a soft landing!

Do you think you’ll ever do another one?

I don’t know where I can do it again at the moment, but I will probably have the opportunity to do it again one day!

How long have you ridden for GT?

Almost two years now and I’m happy to ride for this brand. My first BMX race bike was a GT, so I’m stoked to be back on a GT frame fifteen years later.

How long have you been on this Fueler frame?

Almost one year!

How do you like it?

The size of the frame is good for me because it’s a big one and I really like the stickers on it. So yes, this frame is really cool to ride!

You’re pretty tall… What do you do to make your bike comfortable?

Haha! Top-load stem, 9.5” bars, 21.25” frame, strong parts, and I’m ready to ride!

I know you ended up with a bit of a shoulder injury while we were shooting. When will you be back on your bike?

Yes, and you know that it’s your fault, Kyle! Haha, I’m kidding. I will be back on my bike really soon! 


What’s next for you? 

I would like to go to England or USA to ride and I will probably be in China for the UCI World Cup event.

Any thanks?

I would like to thank my family for everything they do for my brother and me. All of my sponsor to trust in me, the Godziek’s family for having us, Kyle for the beers and the trip, Dawid’s dog, Bikepark Collerider, Vanylle, and one of my first coaches after my dad, TDB - the best speaker ever.

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