Colony's Clint Millar has now taken over distributing Total BMX in the USA after a huge demand for it. So we caught up with Clint and Total BMX owner Ronnie Remo to get a few words on the change.

Remo, why did you change distributors in the USA?

We had always had very good demand in the USA but we were failing to meet that demand with most retailers being constantly ‘out of stock’ of Total BMX between production of new stock, this was mainly due to the existing USA Distributor not growing their order sizes which led to a lot of frustration on our and our customers behalf’s.

You are now being distributed by Colony in the states, how do you think this will effect your position in the states?

It really helps for everything, even down to supporting our riders we take care of out there in the USA. Hooking up with Colony with their new USA distribution company has allowed us to maintain stock levels which is awesome, I couldn’t be happier with the job Keith Treanor is doing for us, and he has got us into all the main US dealers so people can now easily find what they are looking for.The fact that I admired Keith as a rider for years in the 90’s makes it all even better, working with a legend ha.

Who currently represents the brand in the USA?

We have Daniel Sandoval as our top pro rider in the USA, he has his signature frame and bars coming in the fall/ Autumn so that’s really exciting and people are already asking for these.Along with Daniel we support David Peraza and Victor Peraza, all really cool people and amazing bike riders

Is there plans to add anyone else to the team from the states?

There is no plan set in stone but if we discovered the right kid then it would definitely happen, it would be cool to bolster the USA team and we always put as big emphasis on our Team. We are all about supporting riders.

Any chances of a USA tour now you've got a solid distributor in place?

This is something that I have always wanted to do, theres always 2 hurdles, its expensive and it is hard to find a time when all the guys are available at the same time. But it is a dream to do a coast to coast trip someday and this will get us closer to that dream.

If there was one thing you could achieve in the US market, what would it be?

I would like to replicate the success we have had in the UK and other places, this would help so much for us to continue to support our team the best we can and spend more time in the USA with the team. We always do our best for BMX as a scene and our Team, increased revenue from the USA can only help us to do this better.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clint and Keith at Colony for their support, a big thanks also to all of our distributors and dealers worldwide who help make everything run smooth at Total BMX.

Peace.Ride On.

Clint you recently started your own distribution business in the states, how does that work considering you are based in Australia?

Setting up over there with my own distro was the only way forward as a foreign brand in the USA. With the short 9 months or so that we have been operating, we are making great leaps forward. Having absolute control over the direction of our brands in the USA in all areas including pricing, availability & marketing has been crucial in the growth we are seeing.

I have my main man over there Keith Treanor, running the day to day operations for me. Keith handles all the day to day hands on duties for me, while I do the behind the scenes stuff from here in Australia. With the marvels of modern day technology, I can remotely sign into our data base there & do what I need from anywhere in the world. But having Keith there takes a lot of the stress & work load off myself. Keith is the man. He is down for the cause 100% & I am behind him with support 100%.

You have recently taken on the job of being Total BMX’s USA distributor, was this something you were planning from the start?

No, I hadn't wanted to take on any extra brands until I was firmly set on my feet in the USA. Once the news broke Ronnie hit us right as did a few other brands asking for us to do their stuff in the USA. I had originally told Ronnie to give me a year & we will see where we are at. He hit me up again a few months down the track & by this time I felt I had a good hold on how things worked & it just seemed like we could make some good moves with Total BMX, so we did.

How often will you be getting shipments of products? We know Total BMX frames over here in England sell out really fast.

We have had one shipment so far & they have been flying out the door. The initial response has been amazing & I know it will grow from here. We should be getting shipments about 3 x times a year at this stage.

Out of all the new Total BMX products you are selling, what do you think will be the most popular?

The frames by far are the staple product for Total BMX it seems. There are no real stand outs models wise, as they all do equally well. It should be good to get the Daniel Sandoval signature frame, the Sandstorm in when it arrives.

How can shops in the USA get a hold of Total BMX product?

They can call our office in Vista, California on 760 295 9701 or shoot Keith Treanor an email at
Either way, we will get them sorted. Thanks !!

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