USA Passes Australia in Olympic Ranking - Current Standings

The race for Olympic glory is really heating up and it’s a lot closer to the conclusion than it is to the start. 

If you’re following the qualification process, you’re well aware that the top country at the end of the period will send two riders to Tokyo. Basically, all qualification spots other than number one are equal.

Australia held on to that coveted number one spot for the majority of the qualification period, but the United States was recently able to sneak by after solid placings in a few C1 events. The race is now tighter than ever and it will likely flip-flop between the two countries until the race concludes in May. 

Remember, nine riders will compete in Tokyo. The top ranking country sends two, Japan (the host country) will send one, countries ranked two through five send one, and the highest-ranking non-qualified countries from the UCI Urban World Championships in November each send one. The two highest-scoring riders from each country's points will count. 

Here’s the current rundown of the top ten standings -

1.  USA Dowell / Sandoval 7,840 Points
2.  Australia Loupos / Wallwork 7,580 Points
3. Russia Rizaev / Andreev 5,650 Points
4. UK Jones / Clark 4,728 Points
5. Venezuela Dhers / Alviarez 3,950 Points*
6. Costa Rica Tencio / Ramirez 3,339 Points
7.  Japan Nakamura / Takagi 2,716 Points
8. Croatia Rantes / Kukuljan 1,892 Points
9. France Jeanjean / M. Bringer 1,689 Points
10. Italy Barbero / Bettassa 950 Points
* = not yet official, but projected after two recent Venezuelan C1 results

The women’s race isn’t nearly as close, but there is still some room for movement. The United States has continued to hold on to their substantial lead and shows no signs of slowing down. The race gets a bit more interesting as you look lower on the ladder, but it’s a pretty safe bet that the United States will be sending two ladies to compete in Tokyo. Here’s the current rundown of the top ten women’s standings - 

1. United States Roberts / Benegas 10,310 Points
2. Germany Lessmann / Wohlrab 7,410 Points
3. Switzerland Ducarroz 4,090 Points
4. UK Worthington / Finnegan 4,010 Points
5. Russia Posadskikh / Kruglova 3,610 Points
6. Japan Oike 2,980 Points
7. Spain Azcoaga / Perez 2,917 Points
8. Chile Perez 2,590 Points
9. Australia Diehm / Buchanan 2,160 Points
10. New Zealand Chew 1,670 Points

There are multiple C1 events on the horizon - including four in Australia - that will be taking place before the end of 2020 and can certainly impact these rankings. However, if any drastic changes are going to take place, they’re going to be at the FISE: Chengdu World Cup or the UCI BMX Freestyle Urban World Championships in November! 

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