Van Homan's Fit VHS

BMX legend Van Homan has a new home - Tokyo, Japan. He brought his trusty steed along for the adventure and is quickly getting acquainted with all of the new spots. Take an up-close look at his Criminal Mischief-inspired bike VHS build!


Frame: Fit VHS 21.25TT

Fork: Fit Blade V3

Bars: Fit Vandlebar

Grips: Duo Homan

Barends: Duo

Stem: Fit Homan

Headset: Odyssey

Cranks: Fit Indent

Sprocket: Fit Keyguard 28 Tooth

Chain: Shadow

Pedals: Fit Mac

Seat: Fit Cafe Tripod

Front Wheel: GSport V2 Elite 

Rear Wheel: GSport V2 Elite

Front Tire: Duo Stunner Lo 20x2.25

Rear Tire: Duo Stunner Lo 20x2.25

Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2.5

Lever: Odyssey Monolever Medium

Cable: Odyssey SLS

Pegs: GSport Van-Peg








Who are your current sponsors?

Fit Bike Co, Bell Helmets, GSport, and Duo.

How long have you been on this bike?

A year, give or take.

Whose idea was the "Criminal Mischief" theme on your signature VHS frame? 

Yours truly. 

You've had this signature grip from Duo for a very long time. Any desire to change it?

Nope. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Grips don't evolve for the most part. They either feel good or they don't. Duo grips feel good.

Will the gyro ever make a return?

Probably not. I don't spin the bars enough to be worth the hassle.


Any crazy modifications to your bike?

Nope. Even gave up on the Tech 77 bend. Odyssey Medium lever is solid!

How's it working as a commuter in Tokyo?

Loving it. Tokyo is amazing and it's a casual pedal to work.

What's the best part about your new home?

Being a part of something I love, exploring a new city, and getting out of credit card debt at the same time!

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