Vans BMX Pro Cup Cancelled for 2020 + An Interview with Colin Mackay

Unfortunate news coming from the Vans crew this morning - the Pro Cup has officially been cancelled for 2020. We caught up with Colin Mackay - Vans lifer and BMX team manager - to get some details on this, what the future holds, and everything else Vans is doing to power through the unfortunate situation currently overtaking the world. 


Colin Mackay

First and foremost, I know Pro Cup is a huge part of your life. How are you holding up?

It has been a shock to the system for sure. We began in 2013 with the Van Doren Invitational and that developed into the Vans BMX Pro Cup in 2017. We have been really flat-out since. We had a solid three seasons under our belt and we were absolutely ready to go for 2020. 

I assume Vans having so many retail stores sitting dormant across the globe is a big blow to business. How is everything going? 

Lucky, we have operating at this time to support directly. There are many Vans authorized dealers still operating as well. As a bonus to, there are plenty of fun challenges going on weekly to keep everybody entertained. The Foot the Bill Vans Customs campaign is a great way to give back to small businesses and we happen to get Kings Rideshop and The Wheel Mill in there for BMX. 


Ultimately, whose decision was it to pull the plug on the 2020 Vans BMX Pro Cup season? 

When you look at the overall picture and with budgets being trimmed across all action sports events - not just BMX - it wasn’t looking good for our 2020 tour. 

I’m sure a lot of factors went into this decision, but what were a few of the biggest? 

The current health measures and the wellbeing of our community. I was really hard to guess if things would be ok in the coming months. We want to go into this 100% confident of the future and we want to put on the best experience all around. That confidence wasn’t coming quick enough. 

How far along were 2020’s events? Was everything already in place? 

Oh yeah. We were going live with the 2020 season news March 30th. We actually had our first meeting the day after the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in September 2019 for the 2020 season, so it takes that long to align the regions, discuss how to improve our series, finalize tour artwork. There are many group phone calls, judges to lock in, our Pro Cup media team to lock in, announcers to lock in, and just building the series up until the public launch date. We were really close to getting our 2020 tour announced. 

Cauan Madona

There was never a formal announcement about 2020’s locations. Can you tip us on on what was planned? 

March 30 was the date we set early March as the date to release the tour. The top tour pros knew the schedule back in February, so they could save the dates and have something to look forward to. I might hold back on the venues planned incase we sign back up for them...  

The big question here - what’s in the works for 2021? Is this possibly the end of the Vans BMX Pro Cup?

We hope not and, while it’s too soon to make early calls or predictions for 2021, we can only hope this is just a year off. 

I know another Rebel Jam was in the queue for this summer. How is that looking? 

At the moment, it’s in place still. No formal decision has been made there as of yet. 

Will Vans still be supporting Swampfest - assuming it’s able to take place as planned in October? 

Yes. We have already committed to backing it. As long as it’s safe for Trey to run the event to the capacity that Swampfest is, we will be there for sure. 

Corey Walsh

Vans sponsors a large group of top riders from all across the globe. Could these circumstances potentially lead to any team cuts? 

Vans is trimming in other areas - like events - before staff and athletes, which is respectful. 

Is Vans doing anything specific - regardless of BMX’s involvement - to power through these hard times? 

Trimming events is probably the biggest thing. A lot goes into each one - more than you can imagine! 

As of right now, what does Vans have in the works for the rest of 2020 BMX-wise? 

We have our filmers Veesh, Dan Foley and Calvin Kosovich ready to get involved when the world opens up safely again. I see us doing more jump-in-the-van and hit the road type stuff to get some content going, rather than flying places this year. I think we’ll be really busy later in the year. Enarson’s crazy street video with Rich Forne is 90% done - he just wants a few more things. That’s planned for July release. Even if it came out today, it would still totally freak the world out. Believe me! 

That Homestead video was planned for July also, but we brought it out early to get some stoke in the air during these times. Hope you all liked it! 

Leave us with some good news or a positive message… 

Vans have impressed me once again proving that they are an amazing company. They are paying their retail store staff to stay home at the moment, and they have so much going on at in the way of challenges and youtube live shows - did you see Dak’s one? The manual challenge confused a few people, but the shoebox challenge is up now and Simone Barraco and Kevin Peraza have come up with such creative idea’s there, I’m just so stoked for the riders to get involved with this stuff. Vans created Foot the Bill and they will give the net proceeds from any pairs sold to the company you choose on the Customs page. All this involvement has happened in the past month - it wasn’t planned at all! Vans is fully supporting our 18 rider Global BMX team, and it is expanding in summer! Stay tuned. Vans is family, they really are. Really proud of the entire team involved in the BMX program, from the Global team and beyond. Big props to Andrew Mapstone, Andy Zeiss, and Jerry Badders for working incredibly hard behind the scenes.

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