Ryan Guettler not only rides in the Vans Whip 3, he also designed it! Check out why he made it the way he did along with some great riding.
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This time around Ryan Guettler is going to take your breath away with his new sleeker and lighter Whip 3! New colorways and the original Vans waffle sole are coming your way January 2010! We are giving away 10 pairs of the Whip 3 and Ryan's favorite Vans sunnys.

Come on kids you have to work for these...Let us know your favorite BMX memory in the comments below and Ryan will pick the 10 winners himself!

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  • Feddy Street Rider

    12/6/2009 10:43 PM

    The best bmx memory of when i was a little kid was when me and 3 of my mates decided to steal some wood from his old mans house and build our own home made ramps, it took us about 2 weeks to build them all, we made a box jump a spine and a box with a grind, we never used the grinds much but we didnt know any tricks only how to do realy huge air jumps, we changed the box grind to a step up after about a week or riding on it.
    It was about 3 weeks later and a few wheels that we realised that the wood was rotted right trough, we got new planks and nailed them back in.
    One of the days we all gathered round i was about to jump 10 feet of a ramp we had built.
    I raced up to it and hit the jump flying trough the air, and hit a little 7 year old kid running across, i nailed him right in the arm knocking me off the bike as well.
    I got told that he was spweing up a few days lattle i had no clue why and i still dont to this day.
    Another 1 was my best biker mate brady, his brother jumped a mini on his haro bmx bike off a huge ramp he head built, and also his 2 brothers building a home made half pipe out the back of there house.
    We had some great times back in those days we didnt know a thing about fixing bikes.
    All we knew was how to go big, after a few years we got a skate park and out ramps, sadly, went to the tip and got burned.

    Kind of a short story of what it was like riding bikes when i was 10, 16 no and still riding hard, but better now lol.
    You said let us know so now your knowing.

    Peace out, ride safe.