Vital BMX Bio: Adrian Vigil 
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Text/photos: Sam Adams 

I met Adrian about five years ago when I made my first trip up to Denver to ride. He showed us around and took us to all the local spots, and he did it with out being territorial at all; he was happy to show us around. Aside from being a great guy, he is an amazing rider, which is why it was no surprise for me to see him throw down and get all these photos done in an hour. I don't get to see Adrian more than a couple times a year, so whenever we do get to hang out it is never a disappointment.

Name: Adrian Vigil
Age: 20
Hometown: Denver, CO
Bike: Black Eye/Season

The most surprising thing about all the photos here is that they were all shot in an hour at one spot. Did have all this lined up or did it just kind of happen?
It just kind of happened. It was my first time riding the school and there was just so much to do there.

The biggest thing you threw down was the 360 down the stairs. Did you think about that a lot before coming to the school, or was it just a spur of the moment thing?
More spur the moment. When I got there I looked at it right away and it didn't look too bad from the top. I warmed up a bit and then fired it off.

You seemed to do almost everything that could be done at that spot. Is that something that you usually do or do you prefer to do one thing and move on?
I prefer to session a spot and see what is all possible there.

These photos were shot in Albuquerque, but you're from the Denver area. How do you like the scene up there?

The scene is great; tons of parks and street with a ton of good riders and nice weather to go along with it.

Do you have any favorite places to ride there?
Zuni skatepark is my favorite because it has everything you need—ledges, rails, spine, and it’s a good place to just hangout with all the locals. My second favorite spot is downtown/Coors Field rails. There is just so much that could be done there. They’re the only rails that I can go to and have an hour session just hitting the rails and not get scared of them.

I know there are quite a few shredders out there, anyone who stands out to you?
There are so many good riders out here, but some that stand out more would have to be AJ Anaya, Pat Vigil, Mike Miester, Nick Bonner, John Chin, Joey Cordova, and Cory Jarman.

Do your ride trails a lot, or are you mostly a park and street guy?
I’m mostly park and street, but there are some good trails out here. There is the V, Lake Arbor, and the Fix, which all are really good but I usually stay away from them

You've got a part in the new Mexican "Make Moves" video. Are you pretty happy with your riding in the video?
I’m really happy with my riding in the video. I didn't think I would be able to get enough footage in time. I pretty much had a week to film the part so in the end I think it turned out really good

With the summer coming up do you have any plans for any trips this year?

No plans for trips yet. I usually don't plan trips until about a week before, but I’m definitely going to go on a bunch this summer and try to hit up a few comps.

Anyone you would like to thank?
Dad (R.I.P), Mom, sister, brother, Yella, Black Eye, Season, Skeleton, French Connections, HooDoo, Evolution, Illegal Petes, GoFast, all my friends I ride with, and everyone who has given me their old parts over the years.

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