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Text/Photos: Justin Kosman  

By now you’ve heard a little bit about Rob Wise in the street riding world. But when his video parts drop in the next year you better have earthquake insurance. Vital BMX caught up with Rob while he was filming in Los Angles for Brian Purdy’s “F this S” to find out his favorite kind of ice cream and why he ties T-shirts around his head.

Name: Rob Wise
Age: 20
Hometown: Layton Utah
Sponsors: S&M, Little Devil, Demolition, Ogio, 50/50 BMX Shop
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Right or left pedal forward? Left
Chocolate or Vanilla? Swirl
BMW or Benz? BMW/Cadillac
Straight cable or Gyro? Gyro is way cooler, but I’m stuck with a straight cable
Smith or feeble? Feeble
Coke or Pepsi? Dr. pepper

When did you start riding and how influential were guys like Fuzzy, Beringer and Mike Aitken in the SLC area?
I started when I was like 13-14ish. I always looked up to all of them because they were all the local pros. I love Matt because he’s creative. I looked up to Mike for his steezy style and Fuzz just because his name sounds cool.

What whips are sitting at home while you're out backwards up-grinding rails?
BMW 328i and Cadillac CTS on dubs. Holla, holla, holla.

What made you think you could do that backwards up-grind in the first place without getting wrecked?
I'm just gnar—just teasing. Because Jeff Z and I were joking around about it this one time on this one rail, so I tried it and what do you know? I wasted that rail.

You work and ride bikes; what is your work situation like?
I’m pretty much always gone. I do soffitts and fascia (construction).

What videos have you filmed for this year and are currently filming for?
Ryan Navasio's video, a little for the Volume/Demolition video, and Brian Purdy's “F this S.”

What tricks has your mom seen you do?
One-handed-x-ups like five years ago when I used to do box jump shows.

Vital BMX Bio: Rob Wise

How important have video parts become these days?
Very important. I think kids are more into seeing a good video part than just a photo in a magazine.

Has Allan Cooke hired you to train him in the ways of the bunnyhop?
Not officially, but I give him some tips from time to time.

Why so much pop, Rob?
‘Cause you gotta have your pops.

What's with the bandannas?
I'm in my own gang, called the “keeping your hair out of your face” gang.

What's one spot in the US that you've never ridden but want to?
Anything that’s new is pretty sweet.

Who are some of the riders that you see are pushing street riding to new levels?
Cameron Wood, Matt Beringer, and Tom White.

Is '07 going to be more of the same or are you going to trash the brakes and sport a white T?
F-that, I like my brakes too much. I think I’m in love—I need ‘em.

Any thanks?
Thanks to all my sponsors, you guys rule. And thanks to the GF (she looks nice), and always the family—they’re pretty rad.

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