It’s time to get familiar with the sixteen riders that will be competing in the 2014 Vital BMX Game of BIKE: Park. Yeah, you’re probably already know all of these guys pretty well. If you don’t care what I have to say, take this as an opportunity to re-watch sixteen badass videos. The contest is going down tomorrow, so get stoked!

Logan Martin

2013 Game of BIKE winner Logan Martin is heading to Woodward West to defend his title. If you somehow haven’t caught on by now, Logan is one of the best park riders in the world. He’s won countless contests, invented plenty of technical combos, and is way more dialed than any one rider should be.

Wesley Hark

Wesley Hark may not be a household name just yet, but the dude is a straight up badass. He’s spent more time riding Woodward West than damn near anyone else on the globe and has all sorts of big moves to back it up. Long story short, 1080s will probably happen.

Pat Casey

In addition to being one of the best park riders in the world, Pat is also a new father. This will be the first BMX event his son Reid has ever attended, so Pat better make him proud!

Jake Leiva

Woodward West local and park destroyer Jake Leiva is back for his second Vital BMX Game of BIKE. From 360 superman seatgrabs to tailwhips out of icepick stalls, Jake his crazy moves across the board.

Kenneth Tencio

Arguably one of the most diverse riders in the world, Costa Rican Kenneth Tencio makes his Game of BIKE debut this year. Kenneth is probably the only rider on the planet to do a feeble to hard 360 and a backflip double tailwhip within the same session. He’s not that great at speaking English, but is fluent in the international language of kicking ass.

Daniel Sandoval

At the first ever Vital BMX Game of BIKE, Sandoval was an alternate that didn’t end up making it into the contest. Fast forward to 2014, and we’re honored to have him on the list. Daniel was the 2013 Vital BMX Rider of the Year and has really opened the worlds eyes to what’s possible in park riding. From blasting quarters to doing insane box jump combos, Daniel has a whole arsenal of tricks that probably can’t be matched.

Trey Jones

Dan’s Comp pro and all-around madman Trey Jones is trekking from Florida to California to bring his signature style to the 2014 Vital BMX Game of BIKE. Trey’s original combos and creative outlook on riding are second-to-none. And, believe it or not, I saw Trey do a no handed flip a few days ago…

Tony Hamlin

Tony is good at more things than just pissing people off on Twitter. I remember seeing Tony win AM contests at East Coast Terminal over ten years ago. He’s far from the stereotypical park rider, but can legitimately ride everything soooooo damn good. Also, there’s a good chance Tony’s riding will lead to a few laughs…

Ryan Guettler

Guettler has either won or done really damn good at every single park contest over the past ten years. From Dew Tours to Nike’s HB contest, Ryan’s resume is truly unmatched. Fresh off a new gig with Hyper and Snafu, expect to see Ryan killing it on a hot new bike. He’s spent plenty of time at Woodward West and you can absolutely expect big moves from the Australian veteran.

Nathan Sykes

The stylecat from Oregon makes his Game of BIKE debut in 2014. Nathan recently joined the Colony team and has been turning a lot of heads this year. He’s no stranger to doing a proper moto whip or jumping huge transfers, so expect to enjoy what he brings to the table.

Dan Quinn

Dan is a bad dude. He’s more than willing to risk his health for the sake of good times. He has more than a couple strange creative moves in his arsenal that are guaranteed to stump his competition.

Kevin Peraza

This is Kevin’s first ever Vital BMX Game of BIKE, but it’s no doubt he’s already a household name. Kevin’s combination of style, technical moves, and ability to throw down huge tricks make him a one-of-a-kind rider. We’re stoked to have him and won’t be surprised if he ends up on the podium.

Colton Satterfield

Colton won gold in X-Games Big Air this year with one of the most insane runs in the history of BMX. If that doesn’t impress you, you’re probably unimpressable. This is Colton’s second Game of BIKE and, if last year is any sort of foreshadowing, he’s going to throw down bangers.

Blake Peters

One of Premium’s newest recruits, San Diego local Blake Peters is hot off wrist surgery and ready to kill it. Blake rides with the MARKIT crew on the regular and it’s had a heavy influence on his riding style. Blake kills park and street and is definitely going to bring some creativity to Woodward West.

David Lieb

I like David a lot. He’s young, has a lot of fun on his bike, and has all sorts of big moves on lock. David won the Recon Tour series last year and, now that he’s 18, is free to raise hell all around the globe. This is David’s first Vital BMX Game of BIKE and we’re stoked to have him.

Nick Bruce

Nick has been holding it down in Ohio for years and is starting to blow minds around the globe. Nick won the BMX Lagos de Moregno contest in Mexico last month with some ridiculous box jump combos and will be looking to finish off 2014 with another huge win.

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