Vital BMX Members are always uploading great videos to the site, and now once a month, one Member video is going to get Hooked Up. And we’re not just giving away a Vital BMX T-shirt, either. Every month we’ve got some great prize packages ready starting with this sick stash featuring cranks, a hub, and sprocket from KHE, a frame and clothing kit from Mongoose, a pair of Nike 6.0 shoes, and a $50 gift certificate to Dan’s Comp. Just like the name implies, if you win this package you will be Hooked Up.

So how are we choosing which video is getting the Hooked Up treatment every month? We will be watching to see which Vital BMX Member videos are getting a lot of votes, comments, and views. Then we will go through and choose the one that deserves to win. Maybe it will be incredible riding. Maybe it will be something funny. Maybe a crash. We can’t tell you exactly what might take the prize, so upload all of your best videos. We will be choosing the first Hooked Up winner on April 3, so get your videos onto Vital BMX today!

Vital BMX Hooked Up Prizes for April

Mongoose Fraction Frame and Clothes

KHE Rotor Chainwheel

KHE Reverse Hub

KHE Hindenburg Crank

Nike 6.0 Shoes

Dan's Comp $50 Gift Certificate

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    am I elligible?


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