Vital BMX Presents The Best of 2006  

2006 was a great year for us here at Vital BMX. We didn’t officially launch until August 15th, and the year seemed to fly by once we went live. While we were busy creating stories, videos, and photos, Vital BMX members were busy doing the same thing, and it all combined to make the best BMX site online.

We took a look back at all of the videos, photos, and Profiles that were created in 2006 and it was pretty interesting to see which were the most popular. So to wrap the year up, here are the top photos, videos, and Profiles of 2006 along with a behind-the-scenes story for each one. This year has been great, but just wait for 2007…

 Top Videos of 2006

Vital BMX Presents The Best of 2006   1. The Scotty Cranmer Show
I filmed Scotty Cranmer a bunch during practice at the San Jose Dew Tour. He was just riding and probably never even realized I was filming him. I had planned to do an overall video from that practice session, but after watching the footage it was obvious that Scotty deserved his own video. Not many people had heard about front-flip drop-ins yet, so seeing Scotty try one out of a manual on the box jump caught a lot of people off guard. I told Scotty about the video being so popular and he was shocked. To him, it was just a normal session, I guess.—Losey


2. Josh Betley Video
I live in Las Vegas and Josh Betley lives in Phoenix, so we really don't see all that much of each other. However, whenever we end up in the same area, it seems like he's usually on his front wheel and I'm behind a video camera. We filmed for his video section for a few months, but that was really just a few weekends of filming. He spent a few days in Vegas and I spent a few days in Phoenix, and then it was on. I was really impressed with the response to Josh's video; I thought everyone would definitely be into his riding, but his video ended up being one of the most talked about things on the Internet BMX scene for quite some time. I know Josh has got a lot more too, so watch out for '07.—Kyle Carlson

Photo 3. The Lightest Bike in Freestyle
I had seen Leigh Ramsdell’s titanium Eastern frame a lot, so it almost seemed normal to me. Then when I saw every pro at the Dew Tour checking it out contest after contest, you could tell that it would make a good video. Once the video went online, the response was incredible. People either loved the idea of a titanium frame or absolutely hated it—there was no middle ground. Either way, this video got played like crazy.—Losey

4. X Games 2006
When Vital started, Losey asked if I wanted to make some videos of the big contests. Since I was going to most of them as a judge anyway and I really like to edit and film, it was perfect. The X Games video was pretty hectic, though. I didn't always get a good spot to film from and I had to film everything during practice. I thought that I wouldn't get much usable footage, but the riders threw down like it was the comp. Getting some “usable footage” turned into me wondering how I was going to get everything in one video. Once the video was edited, I had to export it about ten different time because Vital was new and still figuring out the right format. I was pretty surprised to see how popular this video was because it was only practice. But then again, it was X Games practice!—Ramsdell


Photo   5. Mirraco Session at Rye Airfield
When Mirraco let me tag along on their trip to Rye Airfield, the main reason was to get photos. I brought a video camera, too, and just grabbed a few shots here and there because it was too wild of an experience not to get any footage. Mike Spinner said he had a few tricks that were more video than photo, and the quick session he produced was unreal. I thought about saving the clips for his interview, but I wanted to get the footage out quickly. I edited the video on the flight back home, and Mirraco said I could post it the next day. The video has been steadily moving up the Most Viewed list, and I’m guessing it’s not done yet.—Losey


Top Photos of 2006
Since a lot of the top photos of 2006 came from the same stories, we made this the top Photo Albums. We looked through the Most Popular photos and counted the top 5 Albums that showed up. Get it?

Photo 1. Double Ditch Jam
The Double Ditch contest was one of those times that everything just came together perfectly. Albuquerque had been getting pounded with record rainfall that month, so before I even flew out to New Mexico from California there was some doubt in my mind that the contest might not happen. There is really no worse place to be when you're getting record rainfall than in a ditch. Luckily things were as clear as could be that entire week. The clouds were really great for pictures and the rain had given the area a nice green look. I had been to the ditch the night before to set up so I had an idea of what were going to be the big trick spots. The one thing I didn't expect was that someone decided to pull a kicker ramp up to the ditch slope to see who could jump the furthest down it. A couple people went, all going plenty far, but then O'Doyle came hauling down the hill and just launched. I remember looking through my camera in disbelief at him letting go of the bike in mid air and just taking it. The most incredible part was that he didn't get hurt other than some scrapes and cuts. Out of all the images I shot, that one really sums up the whole day, which is why it is my favorite from the contest.—Sam Adams


2. SMP Skatepark Photos from Shanghai, China
I’ve seen quite a few amazing spots over the years, but nothing compares to the SMP skatepark outside of Shanghai, China. When I got a call asking if I’d like to judge the Shanghai Showdown in October, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I got some cool riding photos at the park, but the overview photos got more views than the action—it’s like you’re looking at another planet. Quite a few of the photos from that trip made it onto the Most Viewed list, so a big thanks goes out to Dave McKay and Jonathan at SMP for hooking it up. I’m down to go back any time.—Losey



3. Elevation 2006 Photo Album
In 2005, Red Bull's Elevation set the standard for pro dirt jumpingand every other contest since has been mediocre in comparison. Red Bull sent me up to Whistler both years and both contests were bananas. I had a big flash set up on the last jump and riders were going off every run—it was like cherry picking. With the snowy mountains in the background and hundreds of drunk Canadians at the bottom of the mountain, the photos were epic. Not to mention that riders were going15-20 feet high off the last jump. That night there was a party at the top of the mountain and there were some interesting stories about the gondola rides down at the end of the night. I say this every time I write about Elevation, but if you have the cash and a passport you're a fool to miss that event.—Kosman


4. “F this S” Filming Trip
Ryan and I went on a road trip with Brian Purdy to film from Northern California to Southern California. Ryan and I are right into photography, so we like to shoot photos of each other, which cancelled out bringing a photographer. Ryan and I work together alot on the the shoots and it’s great to offer each other advice for angles and exposure. We criticize each other and it’s just fine. Some of the pics didn’t make the story on Vital as Ryan has some things in the works, and also we’re delaying the pics until the movie comes out in June so there are some surprises left. Next time your on the road with some friends, don’t forget the camera!—Colin Mackay


5. Pros at Interbike (I mean chicks…)
Every year I wander around the Interbike tradeshow shooting photos of the pros hanging out at the show. There are always scantily clad chicks hanging out at different booths to draw attention to a various companies’ new must-have item. Most of the time I walk right on by, but I happened to shoot one photo of the chicks this year, and you dirty little BMXers ate it up. I guess I know what I’m shooting at the show next year.—Losey


Top Profiles of 2006


I don’t care what you’re looking for—you will find it in the SNAFU Profile. Want to see all of SNAFU’s parts? Check. Looking for great riding photos? Check. More importantly, are you looking for hot photos of hot chicks? You know where to find them. SNAFU has a slogan on its profile that reads, “Naked girls and bikes are the only thing I need in my life.” Perfect.



2. Losey
I’d love to think that my Vital BMX Profile is popular because it’s incredibly cool, but that’s most likely not the case. When people have trouble, questions, or comments about Vital BMX, I’m the one to contact, which means people go to my Profile to send me a message. I’m normally so busy working on Vital BMX in general to work on my Profile, but I’ll try to change that for 2007. 



3. Mirraco
This is hands-down the most updated Profile on Vital BMX. The Mirraco blog is constantly growing with photos and specs of products, interviews with riders, and more. The Mirraco Profile is also packed with riding photos, chillin’ photos, and all of the Mirraco ads. Very impressive.



4. Colin Mackay
Being one of the top pros in BMX and sponsored by one of the best companies helped Colin’s Profile to move up the charts. Colin is also active on Vital making and responding to comments, and he also helped shoot some of our most popular photos of the year.




5. Crandall
Steve Crandall’s Profile photo may be my all time favorite, and apparently I’m not alone. Crandall keeps his Profile pretty straightforward with his bike Setup and a few cool riding photos, but he’s got friends like crazy. That’s what happens when you have so much charisma.


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