Vital BMX Special: Shanghai Showdown 2007

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The annual Shanghai Showdown contest held at the SMP skatepark in Shanghai is quite an event. To get to the park from the United States can involve around 20 hours on airplanes, but when your destination is the world’s largest skatepark, it’s all worth it. The SMP park is nothing short of amazing. There are enough bowls to spend a week riding and never even come close to finding half the lines. SMP has held a BMX and skate contest at the park for the last three years, and I’ve been lucky enough to attend all three, including the 2007 event this past weekend. The event is contest, but it’s more like a vacation for the riders getting to shred an insane park in an amazing country.

Gary Young lookback This year the BMX riders who scored invites included Gary Young, Dennis McCoy, Ben Snowden, Jay Eggleston, Dave Brumlow, Koji Kraft, and Tom Haugen, plus a local named George Jackson who kills the park on a daily basis. The park contest was held on a more street-oriented course in the back of the park, and the vert contest was held on the 15-foot tall monster at the front.

The BMX contests were laid back but still presented some dope riding. Koji and Gary Young sesioned the massive hip to the left on the street course. Koji threw down a double-whip and a flip attempt, and Gary did a crazy 270-whip across it.  Ben Snowden had plenty of lines and was the only rider to session the massive ledge with manuals, feebles, and double-peg grinds. Look at the photos and you’ll see just how serious that ledge is—it’s way over bars.

Jay Eggleston invert In vert, Dennis McCoy blasted some big airs and massive 540s. Koji busted his strobe-light variations at height, Snowden flowed both ways with plenty of tricks, and Jay Egleston blasted to the moon. 

A lot of the riders this year did a quick in-and-out to the contest without much time for street riding, but Gary hung out for a few extra days to sample the streets, which appear to go on forever. If you ever want to take a BMX adventure you will remember for the rest of your life, Shanghai would be a great choice. Buying the ticket can be pretty expensive, but once you’re in China prices are pretty cheap and the riding opportunities just don’t end.  Check out all of the photos from the park and start saving now!


SMP Shanghai SkateparkClick the photo to see more photos of the park

1. Gary Young
2. Ben Snowden
3. Tom Haugen
4. Dennis McCoy
5. George Jackson
6. Koji Kraft
7. Dave Brumlow
8. Jay Eggleston

1. Jay Eggleston
2. Ben Snowden
3. Dennis McCoy
4. Koji Kraft
5. Dave Brumlow
6. Gary Young
7. Tom Haugen

 For more information on the park, click here.


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