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The 2007 Toronto BMX Jam went down recently at the Toronto International Bicycle Show. This year the event was organized by Mike Heaton and the event went really well. The course had a couple of dead-ends, but the riders still beat the heck out of it. The cool thing about the ramps, though, was that after the event, all of the ramps were going to be set up in Toronto for the locals to ride as a free public park—nice.

There were over 100 amateurs in the event and 80 pros, with both 40 ams and pros in the finals. There were some great riders in the am class, and it was topped off by Steven Moxley—expect him to be riding in the pro class next time around. He’s amazing. In pro, things got crazier by the minute. Watch the video to see the details, but I will say that the kids ruled. How do these young guys get so good? Garrett Reynolds took first, Mike Spinner second, and Drew Bezanson third. For the full results, check out, now go watch the video!

If you were at the Toronto BMX Jam and got video of some of the incredible tricks that are not in this video, please post them! Stuff like Craig Mast and Mike Spinner pulling 900s, Spinner's 540-whip, Craig's front-flip over the spine, everything Drew Bezanson did (360-whip drop-in on the eight-foot!). You know what I'm talking about. Post it on the Video page so everyone can have a look.

What did you think of the video and the Toronto BMX Jam in general? Let us know in the Vital BMX Forums.



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