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If you’re like most riders, your shoes are probably thrashed. You use them as brakes, they’re filthy from the trails, and they stink from the last time you bailed water out of an abandoned pool. Well here is your chance to come up on a brand new pair of Etnies Terraneas, the Ruben Alcantara model. These shoes are designed for everything you do—check the specs at the bottom of this page if you don’t believe me.

What do you have to do to score some new Etnies? That’s the easy part. We are going to be checking out all of the Vital BMX Profiles for the next two weeks, and a few of the best ones are going to get hooked up on November 29th.

So, how do you dial in your Profile? Simple. Add some cool photos. Tell people about your scene in your blog. Show some support for your favorite companies. Put some good stuff in your “About Me” section. You’re free to write anything you want in there, but if you need a little direction, copy these questions and then paste them in to the "About Me" section (copy all of the html code and type your answers in between the questions so the questions are bold):

<br><strong>What is your favorite type of riding and why?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What’s your favorite spot and why?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What trick that haunts you?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What is your dream spot?</strong><br>
<br><strong>Who are your favorite riders?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What’s your favorite BMX video?</strong><br>
<br><strong>When I’m not riding, I like to:</strong><br>
<br><strong>Bands I’m into: </strong><br>
<br><strong>Girls think I am:</strong><br>
<br><strong>My parents think BMX is:</strong><br>
<br><strong>What is something you would change about BMX?</strong><br>
<br><strong>Do you shoot photos or video? If yes, why?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What makes you learn new tricks?</strong><br>
<br><strong>What keeps you doing your old tricks?</strong><br>

If you’ve got ideas for better/different questions, go for it. In fact, if you come up with a batch of great questions, we may even have other riders answer them, too.

Now that you know what we’re looking for, get into your Profile and start having fun. If you don’t know where to start, just peek around at some of the existing Vital BMX Profiles—there is some great stuff out there.

Want Some Free Etnies Shoes?  Take a look at kipBMX86's Profile for inspiration—it's dialed. 

Here are the details on the shoes we have for prizes—thanks to Etnies for hooking it up.


Etnies Terranea Specs
* BMX pro model designed by Ruben Alcantara
    * All synthetic upper
    * Lower hidden lace loops
    * Triple-stitched toe cap
    * Extra medial padding for added foot protection
    * Removable accessory ankle protection
    * Elastic tongue-centering straps
    * Padded tongue and collar
    * System G2™ inserted into heel
    * STI Foam™ Level 2 cushioning footbed with heel support
    * 400 NBS outsole proven for BMX with new lighter-weight midsole
    * Available in men's sizes: 5-14

Click this line to see more shoes and info on Etnies.

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