How Riders Spent the

BMX Freestyle's debut in The Olympics was supposed to have taken place this past weekend. Obviously, that didn't happen. We caught up with many of the riders who had planned on being there to see how they spent what they had initially planned on being one of the most important weekends of their lives and how they're dealing with the future's uncertainty. 

Daniel Dhers

"I stayed at home - riding my park. I just came off from an injury and this weekend was the first time I touched my bike in a few weeks. I think, just like everyone going, we are all bummed it didn’t happen. I want to live the experience of being at The Olympics and now it's postponed for another year. However, it was a blessing in disguise since I don’t think I could have given it my all because of this injury. Nonetheless, I’m excited there's still a chance for The Games to happen next year and I’m looking forward to it."

Hannah Roberts

"You know, it was pretty disappointing that it didn’t happen this year like we planned, but it does get me more pumped for next year when it does happen. This past weekend, I just rode DDASC, went house hunting, and played with Koda, so it was way different than originally planned."

Brandon Loupos

“Definitely a huge bummer but, at the same time, this pandemic is bigger than The Olympics, our sport, and us athletes. But, I’ve been riding with Logan in his backyard with Jaie Toohey and a lot of the other boys so, at the end of the day - whether I was here in Australia, America, or Toyko for the Olympics - I was riding my bike with my mates. So, regardless, I couldn’t complain about spending the second of August still riding. Nonetheless, we still have another full year of practicing to get ready for The Olympics, so we’re all just going to look forward to that and keep pushing until that day comes and it’s go time!”

Nikita Ducarroz

Photo"I actually went back out to California for the week to take care of some appointments and just ride all my old local parks. It felt good to have a change of scenery after six months of training. I honestly feel ok with the whole postponement. Obviously, the circumstances that caused it suck, but all this extra time is so valuable to me and so many others to be even better when the big day comes."

Kenneth Tencio

Photo"I rode my bike as usual. I think and feel that everything has a purpose. Since they postponed the event, I completely changed my approach and focused on the new plan. This made me feel lost for a couple days. It has been crazy to ride hard every day not having any contests coming soon, but this has actually shown me how much I enjoy to pressure myself to be better every day. The Olympic dream is still intact!'

Lara Lessmann

Photo"I rode my bike in my local skatepark - Mellowpark - here in Germany and enjoyed a perfect summer week with all my friends. Usually I wouldn’t be here around summer, so I was more than happy to be able to ride with everyone now. I was thinking about The Olympics a lot the last few weeks and I was kind of sad, but I’m more than excited that we all get the chance to compete next year!"

Declan Brooks

Photo"Well, obviously back in March we all felt the devastating news that countries and cities were going into lockdown and we all felt the full force of that. Knowing that things might not get back to normal for quite a while, we pushed on with all that we could do. Since the start of July, we’ve been able to access Adrenaline Alley three times a week as we come under the "elite athlete" bracket, which is awesome! The skateparks have only officially opened today in the UK. Obviously, this week would have been massive for me and all the other riders that would have had the opportunity to be at such a unique event - especially being the first one - which is a pretty big blow. But, I’m sure all the other riders agree that it’s more time to get all your tricks together and step it up for an amazing 2021 showdown. As for this weekend, I made the most of it with my girlfriend and friends. We have one hell of a big and long year ahead. I have a great support system around me and I’m super grateful for that.'

Maca Perez

Photo"Since The Olympics got postponed, I haven’t been following the original date. I even forgot it was this past weekend. I’m mentally peaceful about competitions and I’m focusing more of my time and my energy on staying healthy, progressing, and simply having fun on my bike. I spent the weekend in San Diego with my friends."

Logan Martin

Photo"I spent the weekend riding my backyard skatepark and hanging out with my wife and son. Although It’s amazing to have all this extra time at home with the family, it is a bitter-sweet feeling to be home this weekend when I have had my sights set on The Olympics for a while now - as have so many other athletes. Since the China trip in 2019, an ankle injury had me not preparing as well as I wanted to be leading into this Olympic year. I believe I wouldn't have been 100% heading Into Tokyo if it wasn’t for COVID. In a way, I’ve seen this time off and the postponement as a blessing in disguise to be able to have surgery and recover in this downtime."

Minato Oike

Photo"It’s a real bummer that The Olympics wasn’t held last weekend. This is a big chance for other riders and I to compete! I look forward to practicing and learning every day as we move forward and prepare for The Olympics next year! Ironically, I didn’t even ride my BMX last weekend. I did train at the gym on Saturday, however! On Sunday, I ate traditional Japanese eel dishes with my friends and got some rest after."

Irek Rizaev

Photo"I have been riding every day and, yesterday, I just realized that it supposed to be the Olympic week. It feels actually crazy that everything has changed so quick. I really hope that it will happen next year and I’ll try my best to use this time right and level up my riding!"

Charlotte Worthington

Photo"It’s obviously disappointing for everyone after starting this year thinking it would end in becoming Olympians, but this has effected each athlete differently. As on opportunist, I can take the positives - and I’m sure some athletes will agree that this horrible pandemic is a blessing in disguise and only offers more time. This makes me feel even more determined to power through the craziness and come out the other end swinging. After all, everyone loves a good story."

Nick Bruce

Photo"Thankfully, I had a fun weekend of riding my park and Ray’s MTB with some friends that came into town. We’ve experienced so much build up around The Olympics over the last few years. It’s weird we have to wait another whole year, but I think it’s been a great opportunity for everyone to keep working toward The Games so we can perform an even greater show on one of the biggest platforms for BMX. It’s mainly a bummer we haven’t been traveling, competing, or seeing friends!"

Perris Benegas

Photo"I spent the weekend with family and stopped in California to hang out with some close friends as I make my way back home to North Carolina. Of course I am bummed about not being at The Olympics this weekend, but I am focusing on the positives. I’m grateful we will still have the opportunity for The Games to go on and I’m looking forward to this year leading up to Tokyo 2020NE!"

Justin Dowell

Photo"This weekend I'm just gonna ride how I've been - nothing different. Yeah, sure, I'd love to be Tokyo, but I'm used to the cancelled competition thing now. I know there will be more opportunities in the future and I have to make sure I'm ready for them. My motivation lately has been a little low, but this break has been nice to reflect on a few things. I look forward for all this to be over so I can see my friends from all over the world and have a good time."

Rim Nakamura

Photo"I haven't traveled since Simple Session. I ride everyday at my park. Last year was busy, so I have more time to practice this year. This quarantine life is not bad. I feel the same as before - just keep working hard. I'm really looking forward to riding at the Olympic Games held in my country!"

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