​Nowadays, it’s far too common to roll up to a park anywhere in the world and discover a random rider who possesses a deep bag of tricks. The level of riding we see in BMX today is unbelievable and it’s proved time and time again it’s not going to slow down. Sometimes, the most progressive and unique riding can be found among the younger and lesser known guys. When it comes to the riding, some would say the line between am and pro has grown more blurry than ever.

That brings me to Leeton Kleingeld, a 21-year-old rider hailing from Australia with a versatile riding style that embodies both the big tricks and extremely technical lines. For instance, he makes a decade to footjam whip to barspin out look nonchalant. After his brand-new edit filled with many hard-to-comprehend moves from earlier this week, it’s made a great number of people wonder why they haven’t heard of him before. I decided to get in touch with Leeton to learn a little bit more about him, his video, and what he has planned for the future.

Where are you from?

Townsville, Australia. I've lived here my whole life.

How old are you?

I’ll be turning 22 next weekend!

How long have you been riding?

For about ten years now.

Do you have any sponsors?


What do you do with your time when you’re not riding?

I pretty much ride all the time, but if I'm not on my bike, I'm out fishing, 4x4ing, or just stuck at work.

What are five words that best describe you?

No idea. haha

Do you have a main crew of riders you ride with back home?

I have a few mates that get together for sessions almost everyday. Ben Thompson, Nick Brown, and Jake Henderson are the main guys. They are also the ones who helped filmed my edit!

Your style of riding has a mix of bigger air stuff to extremely technical. What riders influenced you throughout the years?

It’s anyone that shreds on a bike, but definitely Ryan Guettler when I first started riding. Now, it’s videos from guys like Logan Martin, Kyle Baldock, and Brock Horneman that heavily motivate me to go out and ride!

When no one is filming, what’s your riding like?

It depends on the day really. Some days I’m doing a real fast-paced cruise around the skatepark and then other days, I’m just messing around trying new tricks or playing games of BIKE with the homies.

Let’s talk a little about the edit you just dropped. Some of my favorite clips were the links that started out with an air to x-up lander. How do you come up with these variations?

I like trying to learn new tricks each time I go for a ride. It doesn't always happen, but it’s still a goal of mine. I usually just sit down and think of tricks I’d like to do or my mates call things out for me if I can't think up anything.

How many tries did that decade to foot jam to barspin out take you?

A fair few! I was trying for about 30-minutes while a mate was trying to land barspins. After I told him if he got it, I'd pull my trick. Then it happened straight away. haha

Did any other trick take longer? What gave you the most trouble?

Yes. The backflip 360 to manual 360 took a fair while. I was trying for ages and finally got it, but ran out of recording time. That was pretty annoying!

Is creating a trick combo more mental or physical for you?

It’s a bit of both, but mostly physical. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn new tricks sometimes.

Can we expect you to drop another edit this year?

Not too sure yet, but I'll be trying my hardest to stack up a heap of clips and get another one out ASAP!

Any other big plans for the remainder of 2016?

Not really. I just want to ride my bike and have a heap of fun while doing it!

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