Full List of 2018 X Games Invited Riders Announced

It's June. You know what that means, right? Well, it's hot. If you go to school, you're probably out. Kanye West will celebrate a birthday soon. And, most importantly, X Games 2018 is right around the corner! We now have the official rundown on you can expect to see competing. Most names probably won't surprise you. Some might. Regardless, it's going to be one hell of a party in Minneapolis!



Last year's park medalist are pre-qualified for X Games: Minneapolis. They will not compete in the Boise qualifier. 

Kevin Peraza - 2017 X Games Park Gold Medalist

Logan Martin - 2017 X Games Park Silver Medalist

Daniel Sandoval - 2017 X Games Park Bronze Medalist

The riders below will compete in the Boise qualifier. 

Dennis Enarson
Pat Casey Daniel Dhers
Larry Edgar Nick Bruce Gary Young
Colton Walker Kostya Andreev Chase Hawk
Jose Torres Irek Rizaev Brandon Loupos
Jason Watts Mike Varga Jack Clark
Kenneth Tencio Drew Bezanson Mykel Larrin
Ben Wallace Alex Nikulin Marcus Christopher

Who to watch - 

Marcus Christopher. At just fifteen-years-old, Marcus has a shot of making it into the X Games. This kid has a huge future ahead of him and this opportunity could really expedite the process. While I have my doubts about how Rhode Skatepark in Boise will compliment Marcus' style, I know better than to ever doubt him. 



All 2017 Street medalists will compete in X Games: Minneapolis.

Garrett Reynolds - 2017 X Games Street Gold Medalist

Devon Smillie - 2017 X Games Street Silver Medalist

Simone Barraco - 2017 X Games Street Bronze Medalist

Alex Donnachie Dennis Enarson Bruno Hoffmann
Chad Kerley Felix Prangenberg Broc Raiford
Sean Ricany Dakota Roche Nathan Williams

Alternate - Colin Varanyak

Who to watch - 

Felix Prangenberg. We haven't seen Felix on an X Games course since he won the Red Bull Phenom amateur contest in 2013 and this invitation is long overdue. Felix took second at the 2018 Vans BMX Street Invitational - falling behind only Garrett Reynolds. That's a testament to how damn good this kid is. Don't be shocked to see him on the podium...



All 2017 Dirt medalists will compete in X Games: Minneapolis.

Colton Walker - 2017 X Games Dirt Gold Medalist

Logan Martin - 2017 X Games Dirt Silver Medalist

Kyle Baldock - 2017 X Games Dirt Bronze Medalist

Nick Bruce Pat Casey Mike "Hucker" Clark TJ Ellis
James Foster Brian Fox Dawid Godziek Brandon Loupos
Leandro Moreira Anthony Napolitan Ryan Nyquist Kevin Peraza
Mike Varga Ben Wallace Jake Leiva Alex Nikulin

Alternate - Jacob Bailey

Who to watch - 

Alex Nikulin. While I fancy the Russian as much more of a park rider than a dirt rider, that's who these courses tend to favor. Alex is dialed and has some of the most diverse jumping tricks in the game. Just last week, he landed a twister (I'm still not sure what that is - some sort of corked 1080?) at the Night Harvest contest in South Africa. With moves like that, cash rolls, cliffhanger frontflips, and more, he has all the tools necessary to make a huge impression in Minneapolis. 



All 2017 Vert medalists will compete in X Games: Minneapolis.

Vince Byron - 2017 X Games Vert Gold Medalist

Jamie Bestwick - 2017 X Games Vert Silver Medalist

Coco Zurita - 2017 X Games Vert Bronze Medalist

Mykel Larrin Dennis McCoy Zach Newman
Douglas Oliveira Simon Tabron

Alternate - Zack Warden

Who to watch - 

Jamie Bestwick. He's the greatest.



All 2017 Big Air medalists will compete in X Games: Minneapolis.

James Foster -  2017 X Games Big Air Gold Medalist

Vince Byron - 2017 X Games Big Air Silver Medalist

Kurtis Downs - 2017 X Games Big Air Bronze medalist

Colton Satterfield Morgan Wade Zack Warden Ryan Williams

Alternate - Douglas Oliveira

Alternate - Anthony Napolitan

Who to watch - 

Ryan Williams. He's good. Really good. His air-awareness is off the charts. He wanted this spot tremendously and, now that he's got it, you can best your last dollar that he's going to show up with some special plans. I have no clue what it's going to be, but I know I won't be blinking when he's headed down the roll in...

Aaaaaaaand that's all of 'em. Obviously, things can (and a few probably will) change before mid-July, but you can expect to see these guys throwing down fire in Minnesota. Go Vikings!

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