20" TT size compared to 24" TT size

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7/12/2014 7:36 AM

Im 6'1 and ride a 21" TT 20" bike. I feel the most comfortable on that TT size. Why are 24" TTs so much longer? Alot seem to be 22". So from going from a 20 to a 24, do I need a longer tt or could I get away with a 21.25 Wave C? I still want the bike to be flickable and hoppable and a 22"TT seems awful long.


7/13/2014 10:33 AM

a 24" bmx is HUGE compared to a 20" imo. when doing wheelies on a 24" seeing as the wheel is larger, you really have to pull back hard and really lean into what you are doing to lift the front end up, unlike a 20" where you can just pop that shit up easily.. When i ride my 24" with 21.75 tt it feels like a whole new animal, it almost seems like the tube top length is too long, which really hinders my ability to ride it.. HOWEVER, you get used to it eventually! lol but even though I am used to my 24" I still find myself exerting more energy than on my 20", simply because its a larger bike. I'd say if you could, since ur tall tube top length shouldn't be too much of an issue. still try to get a relatively lightweight 24", and try to study the geo that you want for what you plan to use it for, chainstay length, tube top legnth, headangle etc. . Mine is crazy heavy, cant flick it around... If I could do it again I'd probably buy a wave c instead of a diamondback session, but you live and learn.