20" vs 24"

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5/3/2012 2:29 PM

For those of you that ride or have ridden both, I'd love to hear your opinions on the differences between the two.


5/3/2012 10:59 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/3/2012 11:03 PM

I ride 20 and 26, i love to throw around my 20 and spin like crazy on it.. plus tech is easier.. but after a couple years on my 26, it feels like home. Little edit i threw together today:


Pros for 26: stability for manuals, fakies, big air, dirt jumping.. etc, More room on the bike to do what u have to do.. and some like disc brakes
Cons for 26: weight (mine is 28 lb not even that bad), harder to spin obviously, costs way more than a 20 )and you cant go cheap on the wheels, frame, and forks because they will flex)

Personally i love it when people say "wow you can do tricks on that bike?!?"

5/4/2012 4:04 PM

I have a 20, 22, 24 and 26.

I've been on a 20 since 1977. I've spent A LOT of time on a 20 but spend most of my time on my 24 (liquid) at the trails. I don't see much difference between them other than the obvious. (larger/slower/etc).

I can ride them all the same. I wish the top tube on my 24 was lower so I could do no footed cans easier....


5/6/2012 10:22 PM

I grew up racing on 20s. When I started racing again last year, I just didn't feel stable on a 20. Even the long top-tube models which are supposed to fit big guys like me (6'3", ~240lbs). So I went 24... I actually stopped racing (well, I never actually started, I was just doing practices on the track) because I hated having to wait for the track to open, so I bought a street 24 and now I ride street and park.

I can't throw the 24 around like I used to throw my 20 around, but at my age (I'm 43) I'm just happy to get a bit of air, throw down a 180 now and again, and not go over the bars when I do foot jams/curb endos. :D


I don't ride a BMX bike to look cool to others, I do it because it's fun and never do I think "Boy I sure am cool on my BMX bike."
- Capt. Nemo

5/21/2012 10:11 AM

Cool video we put together that demonstrates how easy the Sunday Wave C is to toss around compared to the 20. Thanks to plussizebmx.com for the editing and my son for doing the riding in the video.


5/25/2012 1:07 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/25/2012 1:09 PM

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing that Jon. I've watched a bunch of your other plussize videos, and they've been very helpful in easing my concerns about going with a 24" over a 20" after being absent from the sport for 25+ years (I'm knocking on 40's door this year). I'll be checking out the Stolen Saint next week at a "local" (hour away) shop that I spoke with that has them in stock. Can't wait to get a feel for it. I'd definitely be checking out the Sunday! as well if it were a couple bills cheaper. Thanks again.



5/25/2012 11:41 PM

rode 20"s through my teens.
recently got back into riding after a 3 year break and bought a model c because my 20 was feeling a little small.
not had a lot of a chance to ride it much yet because of work commitments and bad weather, but the the times i have been on it have been great.
id say at first it took me a few tries to get the standard tricks dialled in like 180's and half cabs on flat ground.
but after i'd landed a few they were wired back into my system and i have them every time.
double peg grinds on ramp coping took a few goes to perfect, because the pegs feel a bit higher up than what i was used to, so i had to adjust my timing and how much i leaned the bike.
other than that the 24 feels pretty solid. all my other old tricks from when i rode a twenty came back easy on the 24.
at first it didn't feel like a was bunnyhopping as high as i used to on my 20, but i soon realised i was, and it was just because the bike was a little bigger that it felt like i wasn't.


8/9/2012 1:54 AM


22" vs 20" first race test of our Amero bike back in 2009. We had to sneak the bike into the race after getting told at an earlier event we could not ride in the 20" class on a 22". The video is on our web site www.factionbikeco.com
Cheers smile

8/9/2012 2:47 AM


22" vs 24" this was part 2 of our race test of the Amero 22" bike. Part 1 being it's win in the 2009 Midland Champs where it beat the Midland 20" number 1 rider twice. This part 2 test was run in Oct 2011 as i could not race at all since the 09 event due to a slipped disc injury. The 22" Amero did it again beating the Midland number 1 in the 24" class twice on the day.
The picture shows the 22" winning a race at the Champs beating the UK number 6 and UK number 8 ranked riders.

To show it was not the rider but the 22" bike that was making the difference we've also run no pedaling rolling race tests where the 22" has won 11 out of 11 races so it has not yet been beat by 20" or 24" race bikes in this kind of test. This included 3 National number 1 adult riders on their 20" bikes with a National number 3 on his 24". i hope this does not read as a brag or a sneer at 20" and 24" bikes, i'm just showing the results of our test races.

Our rider feedback, photos and videos on our web site all indicate that the 22" is faster than a 20" and more agile than a 24" as of yet i've seen no evidence to say other wise. On the question of is a 22" as agile as a 20"? i'd say both bikes offer all the agility you could ever need for any task in BMX.

If you want to find out more about how we have been testing our 22" bikes since 2007 to find out what is possible on them go check out our photo archive on our Face Book page @ Faction Bike Co 22" Wheel Bikes or our web site www.factionbikeco.com
Cheers for reading smile

8/9/2012 2:58 AM


Photo our 22" Amero bike beating UK National number 3 on his 24" in rolling race no pedaling test. Birmingham BMX track Nov 2011.

8/9/2012 3:07 AM


Photo of our 22" Amero bike ahead of UK number 1 on his 20" bike during rolling race no pedaling test. Birmingham BMX track Nov 2011.

8/9/2012 3:19 AM


22" vs 20" vs 24" this photo shows how the 22" gates in comparison to 20" and 24" bikes. The 24" rider on my left is the UK number 6 in my age group, while the rider on my right is the UK number 1 in 20" (and previous UK number 1 in 24").
i'm a novice on a non race version of a 22" yet the 22" has got the snap on the 24" and is pretty much equal to the 20".
This indicates the 22" performs closer to a 20" bike than it does a 24" out the gate.

8/9/2012 3:50 AM


Oops got my left and right mixed up in that last post smile but you get the gist of how the 22" gates anyway.
On the question of agility this pic shows the exact same 22" Amero bike as in the racing pics but this time being ridden by Jason Davies.
Here he is doing an over clicked look back, he is doing this opposite to his normal air direction as he was recovering from knee surgery. It goes to show you can ride a 22" just like a 20" and the rider felt so at ease with the bike he could also air it opposite direction.

Sorry if this all reads as propaganda but there are few other quotes i'd like to mention:
'i reckon i could jump further on this than any other bike' > Chris Mahoney riding our 22" Zeitgeist bike at Wigan BMX track (i'm pretty sure Chris was the 2nd rider to pull a double back flip in competition after Dave Mirra so he's a respectable rider).

'i can go higher and further on the 22" with less effort' > David Yeseirski riding his 22" Zeitgeist bike at NY trails.

'i pulled the best 360 no hander i've ever done, the 22" is a trails slaying machine' > Joel Alamo after his first session on his 22" Zeitgeist bike (i think Joel may have been the first rider credited with pulling a no hander 360 back in the early 90's, so my mistake Joel if i'm incorrect on that factoid).

Again sorry if my posts read as a bit of a propaganda blitzkrieg out of nowhere but i wanted to share this info as to whats been occurring with our 22" test findings. Seeing a thread on 20" vs 24" seemed the ideal opportunity, could not resist.
Cheers smile www.factionbikeco.com

8/10/2012 1:24 AM


22" bike at top of Midland rankings in 24" class June 2012 (rider in 2nd has been beat 10 times by the 22" this season).

8/10/2012 1:31 AM


22" wheel Amero bike beating Midland number 1 in 20" Masters and UK number 6 in my age group in 24" class off the gate. December 2011.

8/10/2012 2:15 AM


Just posting this pic as it's funny smile the 22" pictured here in 2nd place (and finished 2nd) behind 2008 World Champ in 24" class after which he called me a 'cheating barstool!'
Any rider saying that is admitting that they feel the 22" has an unfair advantage over the 24".
This was my 2nd race meeting after buying my first race licence since 1983.
The rider in 3rd here is UK number 6, don't know who the other guys are.
UK National round 2 in Manchester Feb 2012.

Side note: One of my 80's hero's Geth Shooter (dude who beat Stu Thompson at the Kellogs TV race in 85 in the UK) commented on FB 'W.T.F. a 22" in a 24" race?!' This is probably the same reaction the 24" received back in 1982 when it started showing up in the 26" classes. i'm still a big fan of Geth, i had a photo of him and i doing X up can can jumps next to each other over the table top at an indoor track in Stafford in 84 (both same height identical mirror perfect) but my ex girlfriend threw all my old pics away the mad cow. i take both rider's reactions to the 22" as compliments but their both too important not to mention. Cheers guys smile go to: Face Book Faction Bike Co 22" Wheel Bikes or www.factionbikeco.com

8/10/2012 2:47 AM


Race sheet after last weekend's UK National Round 9 shows the 22" Amero trails bike in 10th place (the W plates = World ranked). The 22" is 12th in UK standings now. It is also not using clip pedals, carbon forks, alloy frames, alloy cranks (like all the other race bikes are here) and is ridden by a novice in his first season (if we had used an expert level rider it would be too easy for forum nay sayers to say it was the rider not the bike doing well so using a novice cancels that option out). i'm pretty sure there are only 8 riders out of the 75 riders who started the season that have not finished a race behind the 22" during the series. i want to repeat that this is a test to find out what the 22" can do and i don't want it to read as a sneer at 20" or 24" bikes.

Cheers for reading smile