2018 model c, thoughts?

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12/7/2017 6:44 PM
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sorry to ask some newb questions was just wanting to get some opinions on the 2018 model c complete, as far as me i have ridden mountain bikes in the past and enjoyed them but i have not rode for about 3 years,
im 41 5'6" and 205lbs and honestly know very little about the newer bmx bikes. i am looking for something i can cruise around town on for excersise and also to ride with my nephew once he gets his bike. we are learning so we would just hit different curbs drops and ledges nothing major really just basic bmx tricks for now. so my question is will this bike hold up and is it good enough to consider upgrading parts later on i know its not a full chromoly frame which is what most people consider the best to get so with that i just wanted to be sure its decent enough for what i want to do and maybe a little more as i progress before i buy it.


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12/8/2017 1:35 PM

Hey man, I’ve been through the same process in the last 12 months but decided to build my own. The Sunday or Stolen Saint XLT are both solid choices. I’d prob go with the Stolen but it’s down to personal preference. You can always upgrade either as you go along.
If you’re in the states, I’d try and find a good used S&M Dirt Bike or ATF. Im in the UK so these are like rocking horse poo over here. Have a look on BMX Museum at the ‘for sale’ section. You can search for 24” completes....you may get a bargain.
Good luck and ride safe

If you build it, they will come