Best Value 24" or 26"?

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10/11/2018 8:19 AM

Thinking about grabbing a big bike, because my last foray back into 20" was a bit hard on my 35-year-old body. I don't have a ton to spend, as I've poured most of my hobby money into my Fairdale road bike and other hobbies (most especially music). I was all set on a Sunday Model C complete, but a few 26's have caught my eye, too, and at better values (roughly the same money for 100% 4130, sealed parts, and double-walled rims).

So far, I've seen the new Kink Drifter and Subrosa Salvador at under $450 and the Fairdale Taj and Cult Devotion at around $550. Am I missing anything else, or anything in the 24" size at these prices with similar specs? I'm basically asking what the best value is for a "dad bike" right now. It seems impossible to find these used.

Some other details that may help--I'm 5'8", with short legs, and about 175–180lbs. Ideally I'd buy on eBay, as prices seem the same as direct and I have $75 in ebay bucks to spend (would be amazing to combine with a 15% coupon, although I'm not hopeful one will appear before I pull the trigger).

What say you??? I was a mid-school guy, so all these brands that aren't S&M and Standard are relatively new to me...


10/11/2018 9:18 AM


10/11/2018 9:20 AM

Top of the line parts. Hardly ridden. Super solid. Maybe we can work out a deal
Frame: Sunday model c3
Fork S&m pitchfork xlt
fornt wheel: Gsport siman odessey hazard
back wheel: odessey antigram odessey hazard
Cranks: odessy thunderbolt lhd
sprocket: eclat
chain: kmc halflink
stem: cult Salvation topload
seat: wtp smuggler
Bars: Merritt Brian Foster 9.25


10/11/2018 9:34 AM

Thanks for getting in touch. I mean, I have serious doubts we'll even be in the same ballpark price-wise with that build. You've got great taste (and a bigger wallet than I do!). I'm trying to be around $400 or less, TBH. Most of the bikes I cited above would be in that bracket with that $75 certificate I mentioned.


10/11/2018 7:28 PM

Stolen Saint XLT is my whip after a LOOONG research before buying a 24". Have not had any buyers remorse either. Admittedly, I'll strayed from a 26" size due to already having a MTB in that size.


10/11/2018 8:24 PM

KoolThing wrote:

Thanks for getting in touch. I mean, I have serious doubts we'll even be in the same ballpark price-wise with that build. ...more

I’d part it. Sure we can work something out for most of it


10/12/2018 6:20 PM

Stolen also makes the Zeke which is a 26 but built along the idea of the Model C. So it has a more modern geometry. Worth a look.