Cruiser Conundrum!

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1/4/2016 1:14 AM

Hi all, I've decided to build a 24" cruiser and have my eye on a couple of frames...

Sunday Wave C
Sunday Model C

Has anyone built up any of the above? How much does the latest Model C differ from the Wave C, is the latest Model C beter then the Wave? I'd imagine the newer frames (mod C) would or could be better then the Wave as its of a newer design and takes advantage of all the new building techniques / materials etc... But that said the Wave C is top of my wanted list at the moment.

Also, S&M ATF Vs Sunday C range, anyone know how they compare ride wise?

Are there any other 24" frames i should be considering?



1/19/2016 10:11 AM

I personally ride the 2015 Redline Asset 24, and I absolutely love it. It is a great ride, it's light, and it looks nice as hell. It was right around 550


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