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6/4/2013 1:20 PM

So im selling my 20 inch custom because i want to get a 24 inch i want it for trails and park only street will be messing around spinning or foot-jams etc. im hoping to get around 800-1000 for my bike, and am planning to put it all back into the 24 inch. Where i need help is what parts so please give me a list of what parts you would build a custom 24 up with i would like to know every part and what store is your favorite or is dans/albes the best for 24 inch too. I want a pretty all around geometry but if theres nothing good for freestyle park is fine. So basically give me a bike check for your dream 24 inch.


6/4/2013 7:27 PM

Well, to start with I think a lot of the parts that worked on your 20 will work just as good on your 24. Wheels are obviosly different and your stem/bar set up will be a preference. A lot of the new school guys are doing the high 8 to 8.5 bars. I ride a Liquid with a 22.5 top tube but they are hard to find. The Sunday Wave C seems to be the alll around street/park bike. Ive ridden a few Sundays and they are pretty nice. The S&M Dirt Bike is nice as well. As far as where to shop, I use Dans because they seem to have most of what I need and it gets here pretty quick.

About the only thing more important than the frame geometry you pick is your bar/stem set up. I would really suggest at least an 8" bar. It works really well, much better than the low cruiser bars. If you want to venture to the Museum, check this thread out. Tons of info...and about a million different opinions.

Heres my build list

2010 Liquid Feedback Frame 22.25
S&M Pitchforks w/ mounts
Haro Hoops w/ Demolition Hubs
Odyssey Tires
Shadow Conspiracy Integrated Headset
Demolition Vulcan UBrake (rear)
Odyssey Evo 2 (front)
DiaCompe Tech 77 Lever
Odyssey Linear Slic Cable
Cult Dak Grips
S&M Intrikat 8.5 Bars
Profile Cranks 180mm
Odyssey Twisted Pedals
Odyssey Lichtenberger Senior Seat
S&M Pivotal Post
Profile Acoustic Stem
Odyssey Mr Clampy Clamp
Infinity KA Pegs



6/8/2013 4:21 PM

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8/28/2013 10:50 PM

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