Little help please…

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4/9/2013 7:59 PM

I'm new to the world of BMX, and I'm also quite tall so I'm looking at buying a 24". I'll be mostly riding it at a dirt jump/race park.

So far I've narrowed down to these 3 bikes, any advice as to which way I should be going would be greatly appreciated…

– 2013 Redline MX 24
– 2012 Stolen Saint 24
–2013 SE Floval Flyer (not the retro looptail)

Any thoughts?


4/9/2013 11:11 PM

Well the Redline and the SE are Race Bikes and are only really designed for the Race Track. The Stolen however is designed for Freestyle, so Street, Dirt and Park.


4/10/2013 9:00 PM

Yeah, unless you're planning to hit the track and race, go with the Stolen Saint. It's a great bike.


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4/10/2013 9:04 PM

Thanks a lot guys. Stolen Saint it is.