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9/2/2014 9:15 PM

Check out Peter "P Dog" Ulbrich and Me Cale "K Rad" Schindler's new split edit at Fowler Skate park in Cumming, Georgia. Tell me what you think!!

Get off your little kid bikes and get a CRUISER!

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RxKing RxKing
9/4/2014 2:27 AM

I wanted to do this on my fgfs but got heat from bmx and fgfs guys.that looks so fun I'm probably gonna build a wheel

HEAVY bikes METAL music

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
12/9/2014 6:26 AM


References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

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killacks killacks
1/16/2015 9:53 PM

That was awesome... some seriously heavy flow

knock on head (wood equivalent)

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